Dreams I wish

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I have an aim to become pure and natural. Every morning I wake up to have a new life so that I feel refreshing, energetic and optimistic. Seeing the sunrise, brushing my teeth with care, drinking enough water at a stretch to clean the stomach, doing breathing exercises, suryanamaskar, meditation. I wanna do all of the above with much more concentration, love. I wanna grow my own vegetable garden so that I can eat healthy organic food. I wanna cook for myself and also for my family members. I wanna know about gardening first. Of course I have a basic idea about gardening. I wanna be patient with all kind of people, especially my mom. I wanna eat according to my hunger level and only up to the content of my belly. I want to be a friend to my own body by having bath two times a day, neatly combing my hair, finally I must always engage in some kind of good work which I am interested in. I wanna be a good friend to myself. I wanna fill my brain with positive thoughts. I wanna read all the books which increase my knowledge and give me strength. When ever I face a tough situation, I wanna be courageous and patient. I always wanna see God in every one because when we eat something offered in a temple, we always eat with much care. Likewise, when we see God in every one, we respect them. Going early to bed, waking up early, spending some time each day for journaling my life, always being aware of my self, spending some time with nature, spending some time to help one another, being eco friendly, doing the work without postponement, being thankful to what we have, always striving for developing the qualities which lead us to live a more meaningful life. I don't wanna hate anybody. People do mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. I wanna forgive my past mistakes and I don't want to repeat them again. Forgiving oneself is very important to start a new life. Dreaming is very easy because everything is possible in our dreams. Dreams become a reality only if we prepare our mind to act. To act we need to change our thoughts. it's very true that we are what we think, we are what we eat. A small negative thought can spoil our whole life. Weak people like me always tend to negative thoughts, but my wish to fulfill my dreams is becoming more day by day. I'm happy for my will to become pure and natural. Once again I forgive myself and start a new life to not repeat again my negative thoughts. Time once gone is gone forever. Words do hurt a lot, we cannot take back our words, so we need to think and then make a conversation. I wanna feed my talents because if I don't, I will loose them forever. I don't wanna be a person what others wanted from me. But I wanna be a person who I wanted to be. I want to be remembered as an optimistic being who fulfilled her dreams, who forgave herself for her bad deeds and changed her life forever. Time to act is now. I hope people who spent their valuable time reading this would also start to have a life according to their own true self. All the best !! Keep smiling!!! :)

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