Songs for this chapter:

Animal- Connor Maynard

Where We Meet- Tyrone Wells

Best Song Ever- One Direction

I pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car, putting my phone and keys into my pocket before opening the door and walking up to Louis' flat. The door was unlocked, so I pushed it open and walked inside. Everyone was sitting on the couch, except Harry, playing video games.

"Hey Lads!" I greeted them, flopping on the armchair across the room. They didn't even look away from the screen as they mumbled a hello. "Where's Harry?" I asked, pulling out my phone and checking the time: 7:12.

"Late, as usual." Liam answered with a chuckle. A few minutes later, The door opened and Harry strolled in. He made his way to the living room and sat on the arm of my chair, greeting us all with that dimply smile of his. After debating on which club to go to, We came to an agreement and loaded into my Range Rover.

We pulled up at the club and parked across the street. It was pretty packed, but we knew the bouncer so he let us in without hesitation. This was one of our more frequent clubs of choice. A VIP section was cleared for us, and we all sat down, ordering a round of drinks.

After a few more rounds, we decided to head to the dance floor. I was having such a great time. None of us were the best dancers but we knew how to have fun with it. After a few songs, I needed to take a trip to the bathroom. I excused myself from the dance floor heading in the direction of the toilets.

Suddenly, my body collided with someone else's and I stumbled forward knocking the person over. I looked down to see a petite blonde girl in jeans and a The Who shirt on the dirty ground her glass emptied all over her outfit. "Seriously?" She asked, not looking at me as she inspected the damage to her undoubtedly vintage shirt. She probably thought I was some sloppy drunk guy that had already walked away.

"I'm really sorry" I said, offering my hand to help her up.

"It's fine. Don't worry about it." She said getting up herself, before finally looking at me.

"I'm Niall." I told her with a sheepish smile. She didn't look happy to see me though, like most people do. Although I just knocked her over and ruined her clothes so I guess I cant blame her.

"Yeah, I know. Nice to meet you." But the way she said it didn't sound like it was nice at all.

"Hey, I really am sorry." I told her, "Please let me make it up to you."

She scoffed and looked away, "How do plan on doing that?"

"Well, I can start by buying you another drink." I motioned to her empty cup. "Then, I can get that shirt dry cleaned." Her gaze seemed to thaw over, and she gave me a small smile.

"Well, I guess it's the least you can do." She shrugged. I put my hand on her back and led her towards the bar.

A few drinks later and it was as if the incident hadn't happened. I had initially got the vibe that she was rude and probably hated me, but after an hour or so and a few rounds later we were laughing like long lost friends. She'd also finally told me her name: Beth.

Beth was telling me a story about a prank she and her friends pulled their last week of high school, when she abruptly stopped talking. "What is it?" I asked.

A smile spread across her face and she got a mischievous glint in her eye. "I love this song." She told me. I listened for a moment, recognizing it as Animal by Connor Maynard.

"Wanna dance?" I asked her, pushing away from the counter.

"I thought you'd never ask." She replied grabbing my hand and leading me to the dance floor. I soon spotted the lads and pulled Beth in their direction.

"Where have you been, mate?" Liam asked, before noticing the girl to my left. "Oh, hi there." He said with a smile, his eyes travelling down to where our hands were still locked. I quickly pulled my hand away, shaking off the empty feeling it gave me when we were no longer touching.

"Lads, this is Beth." I said, smiling down at her, our eyes meeting. She smiled back and looked at the rest of the boys. They all greeted her and introduced themselves before we started to move to the rhythm of the song. Beth was just about as good a dancer as we were, which was refreshing. Monica was always showing me up on the dance floor.

Monica. I hadn't thought about her since we got here, to be honest. I pushed away the slightly guilty feeling that was growing, as I pulled Beth towards me as a slow song sounded through the speakers. The DJ announced that it was some request from a guy that just proposed to his girlfriend.

I wrapped my arms around Beth's waist and started to sway to the beat. I looked down to see her glancing away with a far off look in her eye. "Beth?"

Her eyes returned to mine and she gave me a small smile. "Yeah?"

"I was just wondering if you were okay, you seemed distracted."

"Yeah, sorry about that." She said, looking slightly guilty "It's just that this song reminds me of someone. That's all."

Curiosity bubbled inside of me. Who was it? Did it remind her of them in a good way or a bad one? I found myself wanting to ask her a thousand questions, but before I could open my mouth to bombard her with them, she spoke again. "But, it's not something I want to talk about." I smiled down at Beth and gave her a little twirl, earning a giggle from her.

The song ended and we all headed back to the VIP section, bringing Beth along with us. She hit it off really well with the rest of the boys, telling jokes and taking silly pictures. As she was leaned over, posing for a selfie with Harry, I took the opportunity to grab her phone and take one of myself, setting it as her background. As Harry snapped the picture, I clicked the lock button and set Beth's phone back on the table, nonchalantly.

I was listening to one of Louis' stories, when I looked over to find Beth with my phone in her hands. "What are you doing?" I whispered, making her jump. She quickly recovered and locked my phone, handing it back to me. I pressed the home button to see a picture of Beth making a fish face as my lock screen. "Let's make a deal. I'll keep you as my lock screen if you keep me as yours."

Beth looked at me suspiciously. "What's the catch, Horan?"

I thought for a moment, when the light bulb went off. "Whoever changes it first, has to do a dare of the other's choosing." I nodded, pleased with my terms.

"Alright fine, but you should know that I am the queen of dares." She said with a confident smirk.

"Well, then it won't be so hard on you when you lose." I told her with a wink.

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