Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I smile at the fact that he told me his name, I makes me feel a little bit better about a complete stranger in my room as well as the same stranger that had stabbed me when I was four. It’s a little odd that I am thinking about Cade in such a naughty manner but it just happens. My mind jumps to things and bam! Im thinking about Cade with no clothes on… What the hell is wrong with me!?

“Umm, hello Cade, If you haven’t noticed I’m still in my towel and I’m sta- Oh god Cade, please stop that” I say as he starts nibbling my ear and then kissing down my neck

He gets to the curve or my neck and starts kissing along my collar bone, damn he knows how to turn a girl on.

OH. MY. GOD!! Don’t stop, keep going! I beg in my mind and as I thought it Cade brought both his hands to my hips and pulled me closer to him.

His kisses got deeper and deeper and before I could control it another moan except my mouth, I felt him smile on my soft skin

I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair as he continued to kiss me.

I felt his hands move down to my ass and flawlessly lift me off the ground; I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to my bed and laid me down on my back so that he was on top.

“Move up a little that way we are both on the bed” Cade says in a deep lustful sexy tone

I did as he asked me to, once again he went back to nibbling my ear and kissing my neck. I moved my hands up to his neck and then whispered in his ear “Kiss me, like you mean it”

Without hesitation his soft lips came crashing down on mine, our lips moved in the same rhythm. His hand started to travel up my abdomen and to the top of my towel; he hooked his fingers under where I had tucked it in and smoothly unfolded it.

He ran his hand under it making contact with my bare skin.

Please go lower! I thought and once again he answered my thoughts and moved his hand lower until he met my sweet spot. My heart was starting to race and my head was starting to spin as he started rubbing.

I let out another moan and he just pulled away from the kiss and looked me in the eyes.

When he looked me in the eyes at that moment, the world stopped spinning and I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life, even if he was a vampire.

“Annabel, are you sure you want to do this?” He asked not taking his gaze off mine.

I looked at him and nodded “Yes, you are my mate, I’ve saved myself for you and you alone” I smile sweetly

“Ann, are you ready?”  I heard as my mother walked through the door. FUCK!!!!

“Oh, my! Cade?” She says looking at us

“Yes ma’am” He nods still on top of me his hand still in the same spot as before. I hope my mother doesn’t see his hand! I’m dead!

“Umm, mother… I can explain!” I say covering my face

“Oh, no need to sweetie, He’s your mate. I’m sorry I interrupted, But make it quick you two the guests will be arriving any minute now” She says chuckling

“Yes ma’am” I say as she walks out of the room.

What the hell just happened?


Hey guys,

I hope yall like this, sorry its so short Ive been really busy and the only time I can find free time is before I go to bed, which is late. Its final week at school so I will be studying as well as trying to update! Im sorry!


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