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Chapter IX – Intertwined Paths

I don't remember exactly what happened because almost immediately Wes ripped Sylus off of me, threw me a silky red robe, and scooped me up into his while he ran out the door. I heard some screams and saw a lot of blood but nothing was really connecting. I was still high from the Vampire Kisses.

My eyes wouldn't focus on everything around me. I was confused when I was pulled into a car with Ezra, Griffin, Sylus, Adel, and other mysterious men. One of which, were driving the long vehicle with the utmost haste.

"Where are we going?" I asked but noticed the slurring. I touched my mouth, unsure of why it was turning out that way, but Wes pulled my hand away. His face was stoic, but when his eyes met mine, they softened.

"We need to get somewhere safe," he answered.


Wes nodded.

"Yeah, while you were shacking it up like some whore, we were being ambushed," Ezra sneered. I glared hatefully at him.

"How dare you! Your whole species are whores!"

Ezra's eyes hardened considerably. "At least I'm not the one with mate. I don't have a romantic obligation. I can fuck who I please. Yet you...you come here, begging everyone for help to find your idiot lover when really you just want to fuck everyone."

"Enough Ezra, that was uncalled for," Wes snapped.

But I didn't say anything. What could I say? He was right about one thing, I was being a whore. An unfaithful little whore. I looked at Sylus who wore a bored expression, wearing a red robe himself. The color blended perfectly with his hair, and it was disheveled in a very sexy way.

He caught me staring and smirked slightly, showing a bit of fang which made me shiver involuntarily.

Griffin's eyes narrowed in Sylus's direction and with a deep steely voice he growled, "Your father is going to hear about this."

Sylus didn't look phased by the threat, only pleased by my reaction to him.

"Do you think we lost them?" Adel asked one of the unfamiliar men who nodded in response to the question.

"There is another Estate not too far from here. Granted, it's not as large, but it will be enough to put us up for the night."

"No," Griffin said. "They'll know we took him there. We need to go farther and somewhere that is not connected to the Royal family."

"Yes, Lord Griffin," the man replied.

The one driving made a sharp turn down a dark path with no civilization.

"What about my car?" Ezra whined.

"Just buy a new one," Wes sighed.

"But it was custom painted!"

"It was black."

"So? It was a custom black!"

Wes rubbed his face in aggravation before simply ignoring Ezra all together. Ezra whined and complained the entire ride until we came across this run down town. The driver stopped at an Inn which looked even worse than the town.

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