Chapter 29

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Adrianna's pov.

There was a knock on Niall's door. Niall jumped up to answer it and I stayed on the couch. He opened the door and let Harry come in. Harry came into the living room and sat down next to me as Niall followed.

"Listen Adrianna I'm sorry and the girl was just a fan. I don't remember anything last night." Harry said.

"Do you forgive him?" Niall asked me hoping this fight will be over.

"One question Harry. Why is it every time you do something wrong or something goes wrong you bring up Max?" I asked. Harry was silent so was Niall.

"Exactly. Why can't I have guy friends but you can have girl friends and it isn't a big deal?" I asked Harry.

"You are right. Totally right." Harry said kinda making me confused because I thought he would argue back.

"I know I am." I said crossing my arms.

"From now on you can talk to any guy you want as long as I can talk to any girl I want deal?" Harry asked holding out his hand.

"Deal." I said shaking his hand.

"Well I'm happy everybody is happy." Niall said hugging both of us.

"You know what we should do?" Niall said.

"What?" Me and Harry asked.

"Eat lunch." Niall said walking to his kitchen.

"What's pale, big and consumes food?" Niall asked.

"You?" Harry asked.

"The fridge! Get it? It's pale, big and just never mind." Niall said giving up on the joke. He got out some sandwiches and we sat them then went back to the couch. I sat close to Harry and Niall sat on the other side of harry.

"Can you believe it?" I ask them.

"Believe what?" They ask.

"Only 3 more days." I said causing Niall to get excited and Harry to get stressed.

"We are going to win. Well at least one of us. No matter who wins or loses promise we will say friends?" Niall said to Harry.

"Promise." Harry said hugging Niall.

"Hey do you want to go to the mall with me?" I ask looking at Harry.

"I do!!!" Niall said jumping from the couch.

"Mm Niall I was talking to Harry but you are welcome to come." I said to him.

"Let's go! We can take my car." Niall said grabbing his keys and walking outside as me and Harry get in the back seat that his full of fast food wrappers.

"Niall do you ever eat in you car?" Harry said making me laugh.

"Well duh." Niall responded. We came to the mall and walked in. I loved the mall.

"Where do you wanna go?" Harry asked grabbing my hand and smiling.

"Let's go to JCPennys." I said as Niall walked in front.

"Adrianna can I ask you something?" Niall asked.

"Sure." I said as we kept walking.

"Why do you never shop at the expensive stores?" Niall asked. A lot of people ask me that question.

"Why should I pay more money on something I can get at a different store at a cheaper price?" I asked.

"True. True." Niall said. We came to the front of the store and I went to the juniors. I went to the clearance rack.

"What about this?" Harry asked holding up a small hot pink bikini.

"It's winter Harry." I said.

"Not for you! For Niall." Harry said.

"I like it but I would want it in a orange." Niall said causing me to laugh. After searching for a good 20 mins I found some cute sweaters.

"I'm going to try these on." I said walking into the dressing room and quickly changing. I walked out of the dressing room so I could show Harry but I ran into a girl with shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, and wearing purple vans with black lacing.

"I'm so sorry!" She said.

"Oh my god. Olivia???" I said in shock.

"Adrianna??" She said back as we hugged.

"It's been forever!!!" I said.

"I know! Ever since third grade!" Olivia said smiling.

"So I heard that your with Harry." Olivia said.

"Yep." I said smiling.

"My boyfriend is on the Xfactor too." Olivia said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yep." Olivia responded.

"What's his name?" I asked.

"Louis Tomlinson." She said.

"That awesome! My friend Molly also has a boyfriend competing named Niall Horan." I said smiling.

"I like the sweater." Olivia said as I looked down at the sweater I picked out with the puppy on it.

"Oh thanks. I like yours too." I said looking at her sweater that said 'loud' in black letters on a white wool sweater.

"Too bad Harry isnt with you or I could introduce him to Louis." Olivia said.

"Both Harry and Niall are with me!" I said smiling.

"Awesome!" She said loudly. We walked out to she Harry and Niall on there phones waiting.

"Hey." I said getting there attention.

"This is olivia. We were in third grade together and her boyfriend is competing in the Competition." I said to Harry and Niall.

"Hello!" They both said with a warm smile.

"Hi!" She replied.

"Oh there comes Louis now!" Olivia said as Louis walked up and put her arm around her.

"Hey babe." He said kissing her forehead.

"Hey. I would like you to meet Adrianna, Harry and Niall." Olivia said to him.

"Louis?" Harry said walking to him.

"Harry!" Louis said smiling and giving him a guy hug.

"I met Harry in the bathroom during the audition." Louis said.

"Yep." Harry replied.

"And his is my best mate Niall." Harry said as Niall held out his hand as him and Louis shook hands.

"So how do you know each other?" Niall asked me.

"Well in third grade me and Adrianna got moved next to each other and we use to be the two trouble makers." Olivia said laughing.

"It's true! Do you remember that one time we cut off Cathy's ponytail because we were jealous of her hair?" I asked Olivia.

"Oh ya!" Olivia replied as we kept on laughing.

"It's was very nice to see you again." I said to Olivia.

"Same here! Here put your number in my phone so we can keep in touch." Olivia said handing me her phone as Niall, Harry and Louis did the same. Me and Olivia bought the sweaters. We said goodbye to each other as we got back in Niall's car.

"I can't believe I ran into her!" I said smiling.

"I can't believe I ran into Louis again." Harry said.

"I can't believe I ran into air. Stupid air." Niall said making us laugh the whole way home.

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