Almost Fantasy

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Kendra awoke one morning, thinking about how she was going to die... Her husband has left her, her five children are all she has left. She loves and adores them all. They're the only thing that keeps her going. And one of them aren't even hers! It warms her weak, old heart to know that someone, who's not forced to love her, does in fact care about her and love her...

She thinks back to her past... Kendra lived a fairly normal life a girl should live. Her mother and father loved one another and her family so dearly, the both of them did whatever they could to keep clothes on their back and food in their stomachs. Kendra appreciated that more than anything. She went to school, came home before curfew. She was an angel.

But she didn't approve of the normal life-style. She wanted a more thrilling, daring life. So she went out and looked for any opportunity she could snatch up. She lost her virginity at a very young age to someone whom she'd loved with all her heart. They dated for a year or so, but that relationship ended when he left her for a life of drugs, alcohol, and sluts. Kendra was heart broken, but what could she do?

She knew exactly what to do. She knew one of his ex-roommates had a thing for her for a while. So Kendra went after him, to make her ex angry, of course. The boy's name was Jeffery. He had dark hair, light eyes, scrawny body, which she found attractive with every inch. Using Jeffery only as a distraction and a tool to get back at her ex, Jeffery wooed her more and more every day they were together. Kendra eventually couldn't help but fall head over heels for the man. They went out constantly and had wonderful times. They once went to a restaurant, and the waiter mixed up their orders so horribly they couldn't help but laugh the whole way home.

The love they made, made Kendra shiver with the slightest thought about it. They made love a lot. Until one night, where Jeffery just stopped. They had lived together ever since they were married a year prior. Kendra began to think he was either having an affair, or he just wasn't attracted to her anymore. And no matter how hard Kendra tried, he would always reject the slightest act of intimacy.

Kendra hated it, but she got away from those thoughts of insecurity by meeting up with her friend, Zelda. The two girls hung out constantly! They went to diners, cuisines, they visited Central Park a few times and just talked. Kendra began having a friendly attraction to Zelda. She knew Kendra's every hope, dream, fear. She knew her favorite foods and activities. Kendra didn't even think Jeffery knew half of the things Zelda knew. One night, returning home accompanied by Zelda. Kendra found herself incredibly attracted to Zelda in the most more-than-friendly way. Not knowing what she was doing, nor where she was, Kendra threw herself onto Zelda and kissed her. The most passion she'd felt in so long.

Jeffery had been home, and he grew furious, seeing his wife locking lips with another. Jeffery believed, even if the actions were with another woman, it was still cheating. He stood in front of the door, as Kendra said goodnight to Zelda. Kendra walked in the door and Jeffery pointed his finger, accusing her of cheating. Kendra grew nervous and jittery. She hollered back, denying it. But before she could deny it, Jeffery stormed into the bedroom.

Kendra walked in and was heartbroken to see him packing a suitcase full of his clothing. She stood silent, and began to cry. She finally confessed her cheating, in hopes of him forgiving her since she'd realized what she did wrong. Jeffery only ignored her. She did everything in her power to convince him to stay. But he only yelled at her and finally stormed out of the house, leaving Kendra heartbroken and devastated.

Kendra called Zelda after hours of no sleep. Zelda agreed to see her the next day. And they did. They met up at Central Park. Kendra cried on her shoulder, and told Zelda everything Jeffery had said to her and how much it hurt her. Zelda gave her best words in cheering up. Kendra invited Zelda to the house for more talking over some coffee and Zelda agreed. They sat all afternoon, talking and sharing secrets in the quiet house and neighborhood. They sat all night, still talking, and confiding in one another to keep each other safe, as best friends. When Kendra realized it was getting late, Zelda smiled at her. And then, they shared another kiss. Longer and more passionate than before. Kendra began feeling overwhelmed with such feeling and emotions, she took it a step further. The two of them made love in the most sensual of ways. The two of them breathed in sighs of passion and lust. It was unlike anything Kendra had felt before in her life.

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