Chapter 1

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I never knew the problems that would come with life, if I did I would have never left my mothers womb.

You go from having the best day of your life to the worst within hours. I just want to go one day without some form of drama.

Abby always says "Those days are reserved for summer"

"Bu-" I would try to squeeze in before she said "Don't complain about things you can't change" before i can finish and drags me to me next class.

Abby and I had been friends since 6th grade and have been glued to the hip since. She was much prettier then me, 5"4, and Skinny. Long thin brown hair that went just past her shoulders. She was always well dressed. Abby was extremely popular too. She had more friends then I could count let alone keep up with, but she always said I was her favorite which satisfied me.

I enjoyed learning all the juicy information she got from other girls/boys and creating code names for each one. We used the code names so often there real names were usually forgotten within a week.

There was Mia who we called Mike. She was obsessed with Abby. I think she is a lesbian and I always have but that is just me. Then there is Tom who Abby has liked for years now. We call him tick. He has played her from the day they met. He's a butt that's for sure.

I knew i was a nerd. I always got straight As and sat alone in class. I never talked to anyone. Other then the teacher and only when i had to. I hated talking in front of the class. My mind continued to trail off until I heard Mr Bevil call my name.

"Lily..... Lily!".

"Yes Mr. Bevil?" I responded in a timid tone.

"What is the answer to question 7 on your paper?" he smirked back thinking I would be lost.

I glanced at my paper already feeling the sweat drip down my back. I eyed the problem and attempted to quickly solve it in my head.

Mr. Bevil said "Well Lily? What is the answer?" becoming agitated.

"The answer is the square root of 47" I said as I began to stop shaking.

Mr. Bevil paused. He placed his paper on his desk and walked straight over to me.

Now I was going to get it.

He lifted up my blank paper and said "How did you know the answer to this" pointing at the number.

Still shaken I replayed "I.... I ah. did it in my head sir."

He slowly placed my paper on my desk and said "Lily don't lie to me. No one can do that in there head the way I taught it so fast. How did you do it?"

The same blah blah blah speech I heard from all my teachers. I glanced at the clock and saw the bell would ring any second.

I guess he saw me do this cause he announced to the class "Everyone will be doing an assignment over the next month worth 100 points"

Groaning spread across the classroom.

Mr. Bevil hushed them and replayed "You will work with a partner. I have taken the liberty of assigning them to you. They are posted on the back wall".

Books begin to close and chairs shift to the news.

Mr. Bevil hollers "I can't hear myself think! Sit down until the bell rings or I'll hold you into lunch!"

Everyone raced back to there chairs and we sat in silence waiting for the bell to ring.

I wondered who my partner would be. This class was full of losers. Soon-to-be drop outs or nerds like me who spent there weekends actually doing hw. No one seemed like they would be a good partner. But I had to be fair, most of the people in this class I haven't even looked at let alone talked to. I wonder-

---- DING ----

Chairs slam to there desks and feet slide to the back of the classroom. I gathered my things slowly and took my time, knowing there was no way a 5' tall girl would be able to see over a 6'2 boy. When the mass cleared I slowly walked over to the list and searched for my name.

Lily...... Stacy

I do not think I know a Stacy.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Um... Are you... ah. Lily..?" Slowly coming out of a girls mouth.

She had firey red hair. Icy blue eyes that complimented her pale skin. She was slightly taller then me, maybe 5'1. She was much skinnier then me and wore dark skinny jeans with a navy blue hoodie. She was just the prettiest girl I had ever seen. How did I not notice her before?

I paused as I examined her and replied "Yes, I'm guessing you are Stacy?"

"Yes.... I am... Would you like to come to my house or I come to yours?" She was shaking as she spoke. Probably wanting a time, date and place so she could leave.

I reached out and touched her shaking hand. Electricity ran through my body and my stomach dropped to the floor.

"Don't be scared. I'm nothing to be scared of." I said with a nervous half smile "My family will be out of town this weekend and I live close by. You can walk home with me Friday? Sound good?"

She never let go of my hand and just stared at it as I talked. When I finished she quickly pushed my hand away, probably in embarrassment, and said "Ok. But we won't finish it in one day"

"I know. You can stay until Sunday night and if we still don't finish we will work from there." Oh my gosh did I just say Sunday? I'm planning on spending my whole weekend with this girl. Why? I can barely handle two hours alone with my best friend.

"Ok! I will see you Friday!" She said perking up, exiting the room.

I watched her walk out, her red hair swaying behind her. She was gorgeous.

As I thought over what just happened a hand shook in front of my eyes, causing me to lose my train of thought. It was Abby.

"Who was that?" She eagerly asked even though I knew she did not care.

"Stacy." I responded blankly before smiling and saying "She's my partner for our math project"

"Oooooooh. Lucky! I'm with Alex. Ugh I hate him." She abruptly responded.

I knew how much she hated Alex. So naturally I hated him too. I tried to focus on her talking about her usual drama. But I just couldn't. The only thing I could think about was Stacy.

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