Chapter 17

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Its been two months since I had started living in Ohio. Its also been a little over a month since Sami and I broke up.

Heather and Sami were now trying to get Jon and me closer - though I told them both to leave it alone (not like they're gonna listen though).

Luckily, Antonia hasn't bothered me since what happened with her interrupting mine and Jon's first match.

Sami and Jon have finally started talking again - without getting into a fight with each other, and Jon was actually talking to me more now.

Jon and I walked up the stairs in our apartment building in silence. We had just got back from the gym with Sami and Heather.

I stopped in front of my door and got my keys out. Jon walked past me and stood at his apartment door. I unlocked my apartment and turned to see him standing there watching me. "What?" I asked, tilting my head at him.

He shook his head, "Uh, nothing." I nodded, "Oh, well, I guess I'll talk to you later then." I gave him a little wave before opening my door. "Wait!"  I paused and turned toward him. "Yeah?" I raised an eyebrow.

He stuffed his hands in his hoodie. "I-I was wondering if you maybe wanted to come over and hang out for awhile. We could talk about the storyline." He stuttered slightly.

I thought about it for a moment, deciding it would be good. I could actually talk to him, and maybe get to know him more. "Sure, I'll be over in a little while." I smiled, starting to feel kinda nervous. He nodded, giving me a small smile before turning to his door and unlocking it.

I started thinking about what Sami told him; about me liking him. I thought about if he'd bring it up while I was over there. "Hope he doesn't. That'd be awkward, and it's already awkward enough as is." I muttered, opening my door.

I went into my apartment and closed the door. I bit my lip, thinking about hanging out with him, and trying to convince myself that I wasn't slightly nervous or excited to be able to talk with him. "Ahh, he just invited me over to talk about the storyline. Not ask me to be his girlfriend." I muttered, trying to calm my nerves as I felt butterflies in my stomach. I went and took a shower, getting dressed in this. I grabbed my hoodie and put it on, then grabbed my phone and slid it in my hoodie pocket. I walked over to Jon's apartment and knocked on the door.

He opened the door a minute later, wearing just a pair of jeans with holes in them, a belt like one I have, and his hair was down and wet. You'd think him being shirtless would bother me or whatever, but growing up around my older brother and his friends, and also being in wresting school around guys a lot; being around a shirtless guy doesn't bother me.

"Come on in," he said, jerking his head back a little and moving to the side. I stepped in and he closed the door behind me.

"You can sit down. I'm gonna finish getting dressed real quick." I nodded, watching him walk down his hallway. I went over and sat down on the couch, crossing my legs.

He came out a few minutes later with his hair in a ponytail and a shirt on now. He sat down next to me, leaning forward with his arms resting on his legs. "Uh, so, did Paul tell you about the match we have next week?"

I tilted my head, "The Mixed Tag Team?" He nodded, "Yeah, its me and Nevaeh against Sami and you. Paul thought it'd be good for your feud with Nevaeh and our storyline, along with y' and Sami being together anyway." He explained, shrugging.

"I can agree with our storyline, and the feud with Nevaeh and all....but Sami and I aren't together anymore." I shrugged, "So it wouldn't really matter if we have matches together or not." I explained.

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