In Love With A Thug ON HOLD

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Being in love with a thug is something i thought i would never do.i mean all they do it want was between your legs and money so dont  fall in love with one if you know your going to get played ...... but anyways names Monica but people call me monny or nica im 17 years old i live with both my parents nd my oldest brother Daniel who 18 we are closer then white on rice but anyways back to me i hate niggas who say they are "thugs" your not bout that life so stop saying your are . I have mid back lenth hair (black at the top and honey blonde ends) i have a very thick body big breast and big booty but i dont take it for granted im black, indan,nd mixed with alittle white

All i care about if money and pussy nothing else i dont think im ever gonna be in love mostly with this hoes if i do i wanna R.O.D that i can be with for ever but yeaaa the name is August around in the hood im known as Loyality.. fuck with me the wrong way you just might go up missing and no one will ever know who did it or how you came up missing anyways im 18 years old im stand at 6'7 curly hair ,red skinned, im mixed with black and white ... i only fuck with my niggas troy , daniel , and josh


 nobody knows what i go through

wish you could put yourself inside my shoes

you got friends that aint friends no more

they dont understand the life i chose

see the money and the fame

it can hurt everything you love

got the people that depend on me

and they cant get enough

they dont know what im going through

they dont know what im going through

my alarm sing nobody knows by august alsina to me that song helps me through the day .. i hope in the shower take a 20 min shower to wake myself up for the day that is coming ahead

??- say gah hurry up in the damn bathroom

me- daniel shut the fuk up

daniel- haha nahhh im stright by aye fah real please hurry lil sis i got thing to do

me- im gettin out now

daniel- ight

daniel and i are not like most brothers and sister that fight over the bathroom but i love my brother i just hate what he do for a living

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