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Pen Your Pride

Why Did This Happen? •Chapter 4•

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I finally made it to my house out of breath. I walked up to the door, but when I tried to turning the knob, it wouldn't open.

"Mom!" I called into the closed window, tapping in it.


"M-Mom?" I said a little quieter than before.

The door swung open revealing her smiling.

"Oh, Tomo, I have great news!" She chirped, using my nickname.

"Me too." I cooly replied, smiling back.

"Ok, you go first." She urged, a restless smile still lacing her lips.

I reached into my pocket, taking out the money that was tied with a rubber band. My mom gasped.

"T-Tomoko!" She held her hand out to take the money with a bewildered face, "That's...a lot of money!"

"Yeah, I was surprised too!" I said cheerfully, "We could go buy stuff besides soup now!"

My mom hugged me tightly until I couldn't breathe.

"C-Can't b-breathe!" I squealed.

"Oh sorry!" She apologized "Oh, Tomato, I'm so proud of you!"

"What's your good news?" I remembered her outburst she had when she first saw me.

"Oh!" She clapped her hands together "Your father's coming back from the expedition outside the walls today!"

"Really?!" I gasped.

"Yes! Now, let's go get ready." She insisted, grabbing my hand and dragging me inside. She towed me into my room and opened my closet.

"Let's see, let's see..." She kept mumbling, "Aha!"

She took out the hook from the closet, a casual-formal white dress clinging onto it.

"Let's go change you into this," She was fidgety due to her poorly contained joy.


We started to walk towards the town center. I could hear the bell ringing and vibrating through the streets. Turning the corner, we saw all of the survey corps parading on horseback. Most of the soldiers had bandages wrapped around their limbs and heads. For a normal 12 year old girl, this would have made them cry, but by now I'm used to seeing blood.

About 6 years ago, I got kidnapped by three men. My mom was out waitressing at the time while my dad was on an expedition.


I heard someone knocking at the door and I, being the 6 year old I was, decided to open it. When I opened the door, I was faced by three grown men. They were all dressed casually, even thought their intentions were anything but casual. At first we just stared at each other, sizing the other up.

Finally after 10 seconds, one of them went to grab me. I threw my body back quickly to evade the assault.

"¿¡Què quieres conmigo!?" What do you want with me?

I didn't know how to speak english at the time; my mother was barely learning it herself.

"You were right," one of them nodded with a threatening smirk, "She's one of the few people inside the walls who are fully Hispanic, but didn't you say she had two parents?"

"She does," the other one said, "Her father is in the survey corps, so her mother must be out."

"Perfect." The third one said.

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