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Finally, I thought to myself as the lunch bell rang.

I quickly went to my locker stuffing my books in, grabbing my lunch, and getting the books for my next class. Instead of going to the lunch room, I made a sharp right and headed to the back of the school, where the football field was.

I made my way over to my shady spot under a tree, where I had a perfect view of the field. I was eating my lunch peacefully watching the guys practice, when my view was blocked by something.

I looked up and saw a smirking James.

“W-wh-at do you want?” I asked internally cursing myself for showing weakness.

“You,” he replied nonchalantly.

Okay……this just definitely got creepy. I shifted uncomfortably on the ground, trying to get out of his gaze that was burning into the side of my head.

I couldn’t resist, I looked up (just to take a peak). I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move. His gaze was like an inferno, burning into my eyes searching for something, but coming to no avail.

I took a sharp intake of breathe, this caused him to smirk knowing the effect he had on me.

He was right thought, he did have an effect on me. For every time I look at him I can’t control myself. He was like an angel and a devil in one.

“I have to go,” I mumbled, running away in the process.

Later that day…..

I was at my car waiting for Sarah because we were supposed to go bowling and she was late. I stared down at my phone playing some game that came with it, when I hear her come up.

“Hey Alyson, sorry I was late stupid Ms. Picket kept me late,” she stated while rolling her eyes.

“It’s okay, now let’s go bowling!” I shouted.

We had just finished our third game when my dad texted me.

‘hey sweetie, could you tell your mom that I will be late tonight? Her phone is dead and mine is about to die. Anyways, just remember to tell her please. See you when I get home’

“Hey Sarah, I should probably get home before my mom worries,” I say.

“Ya, me too. I think my mom will the explode the next time I’m not home on time. Wish me luck,” she says.

“Okay, bye, love you!” I shout across the parking lot.

“Bye, love you too!” she shouts back just as she gets in her car and drives off.

I’m about to unlock my car, when someone grabs my wrist, spinning me around until I rammed into someone’s hard chest. Their grip is warm, but hard. I look up to face this mystery man, and see that it’s James. I try to get out of his grip, only get slammed into the side of my car.

His face is only inches from mine, and I can feel his icy cool breathe on my face. It sends shivers down my spine, causing pleasure to course through my veins.

I couldn’t stop myself, he was too alluring. I was leaning forward, about to press my mouth to his, when my phone rings.

I realize then that I was about to do something, that I would regret forever.

I look down and see that it’s a text from my mom.

‘hey, do you know when your father will be home?’

I look up at him and say that I should head home. He lets me go, and just as I’m about to get in my car he spins me around and crushes his lips to mine. I didn’t even have time to process what was happening until he was walking away, disappearing into the darkness of the night.

I put my fingers up to my lips, still feeling the tingles from where his lips were. I slowly got in my car and headed home. I couldn’t believe what was happening. The car ride home was slow, slower than it usually is. Was it because I was going ten miles under the speed limit, or was it because of what just happened moments ago with James?


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