"Shit!" I said, realizing that blood was steadily dripping down my hand from where the knife had cut me. Not wanting to be a bitch, I looked at Louis and grinned mischievously.

"This is all your fault." I joked, walking to my bedroom to pack.

"Well, you look badass now." Louis replied, although it didn't sound like a compliment. He followed me into my room. I admit, it looked like a bomb exploded in there. I dragged my large black suitcase out from the closet and started to throw in shirts.

"So, why are we leaving again?" I asked Louis, putting my hands on my hips and raising an eyebrow at him.

"Did you really expect me to tell you?" Louis asked, laughing to himself and shaking his head.

"No." I lied, laughing at myself so I wouldn't look like an idiot. I began to pack again, this time stuffing in jeans and skirts.

"Well, where are we going then?" I asked, not looking at Louis, who had made himself comfortable by sitting on my bed.

"France. Well, Paris. But, you know, Paris is in France." Louis rambled, as though it were the most obvious and predictable thing in the world.

"Of course." I said, "And how am I gonna get there?" By now I was adding in dresses and shoes. Lots of those.

Louis handed me a navy blue skirt and business jacket, golden hems with a powder blue button-up and a pink ascot. "You're coming with me and the boys."

"You don't mean that..?" I began, my voice trailing off, somewhere between horror, bewilderment, and raging excitement.

"Yeah, I do." Louis replied, "You are going to be the private flight attendant for One Direction."

The day was full of surprises. After packing and changing into my attendant's uniform, I had to rush over to Heathrow airport (which was just a hop, skip, and a tube ride away) with Louis. No, L. He was one train behind me. I sat quietly with my suitcase, and a tall man with a business suit, fedora, and thick jacket sat down beside me.

"Are you Ariel Wilkins?" he asked. He wasn't looking at me.

"I don't know. Who are you?" I retorted suspiciously.

"A friend of... L's." the man replied, hesitating before the L. I believed him, too. He seemed like he would be in whatever secret group L was a part of.

"Yeah, I'm Ariel. Can I help you?" I asked. The train slid to a halt, only one stop behind mine.

"Yes. I need a huge favour." L's friend said, lowering his voice to a whisper. "I need you to kill him."

I sat quietly for a few seconds, shocked by the bluntness, then said simply, "Why?"

"It's for his own good." the man said.

"Why?" I insisted, and now my jaw was rigid. My eyes were nearly squinting and my face was practically blank.

"He's in danger. You have to help him." he replied, sounding worried.

"And how does killing him help?" I asked, slightly sarcastic.

"Louis is in danger, Ariel." he said. The train stopped again and I stood up, grabbing the handle of my suitcase. He handed me two small orange medicine bottles, one with liquid and one with pills. "Take your pick." he whispered as I walked away, quickly putting the bottles in my pocket and wiping away tears filled with confusion and fear.


I couldn't stop thinking of the man. I couldn't meet Louis' eyes at all, all though I laughed with Niall, Liam, Harry, and Zayn. After being on the plane for about ten minutes, Louis had to pull me to the side.

"What's wrong?" he said sternly, as I leaned against the bathroom door. I still didn't look at him, so he took my face in his hand and made me look at him. "Ariel," he repeated, "What. Is. Wrong?" I shook my head. What was I supposed to say? "Hey, Louis. I saw this guy on the tube who told me to kill you."

"I'm fine." I lied, smiling. Louis gave me a skeptical look.

"No, you're not." he said, letting my chin go. I looked down.

"Louis, I don't know. Something's off." I said. There was a vocal shrug in my tone.

"What is it? Is it the boys? Damnit, I knew it was the boys." Louis asked under his breath.

"No, no!" I replied, laughing, "Your friends are awesome. It's just that... There was this man on the tube. And he gave me these." I regretfully handed him the two bottles and looked away.

"And..?" he led, confused.

"Louis! He wanted me to poison you. Or drug you. He wanted me to kill you!" I hissed as quietly as I could. I looked over to the other four boys and none of them were looking my way. Louis turned one of the bottles over and over in his hand. He was looking for something.

"Ariel, this guy, what did he look like?" Louis asked, biting his lip.

"Well, he was tall. And he was wearing a business suit, a big jacket. One of those brown, rough ones. I couldn't see his face, it was underneath a hat, but I think he had green eyes and blonde hair. He had a serious voice." I said after thinking about it.

Louis handed me back the bottle. "Damn. I hope he doesn't know where we're going." he said.

"No, of course not." I sighed, "Who is this guy again?"

"I'm guessing he's Banner. He's the reason why you're here. If you ever see him, I want you to run." Louis said.

"Run?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

"Run." Louis repeated. "Run fast, and run far."


"Do you think Louis fancies the attendant?" Harry asked three of his best friends, leaning in so that they were all huddled together.

"Obviously." Niall said dramatically, "Why else would they go over... There?"

"Hmm." Harry said thoughtfully. He watched Liam turn his head to the small open part of the plane. Liam saw the two talking quietly, the attendant looking distressed and Louis grabbing her face a little roughly.

"Ooh." Liam shivered. "Awkward."

A few minutes later, Louis was holding the girl's arm gently.

"Boys, this is Ariel. And she's not really a flight attendant. She'll be with us for a while." he said, smiling mysteriously.


"I don't think Harry likes me." I whispered to Louis. He lifted his head and stopped looking at his mobile phone for a few seconds. As soon as Louis met Harry's eyes, he peeled them off of me and looked began to look at Louis with a polite smile.

"He's into you." Louis said simply, then began to scroll through his apps mindlessly.

"Oh God. You're joking." I said. There was no way I had won Harry Styles' affection in less than thirty minutes. And plus, I looked like shit. Oh, and I liked Louis.

"I dunno. Harry Styles has a very odd mind." Louis said, as Harry stared at me again. I began to flip through a magazine, ignoring his burning eyes. I had begun to read about Angelina Jolie and her latest charity work when I was unable to take it any longer.

"May I help you?" I asked, staring Harry down. Then I realized how rude I was being. "Shit, sorry. That was rude. Um... Damn." I muttered on, going back to my mag.

Harry smiled in slight amusement. "You're adorable." he teased. Now he was watching with intent fascination. I blushed and kept looking down at the text on the pages, then giggled some. After that, I realized my big mistake. No sane 23-year-old giggles.

"Fuck. Shit. See what you do to me?" I said to Harry, laughing properly. Harry grinned and laughed with me, when Louis wrapped his arm around mine. Harry and I exchanged confused looks as Niall, Zayn, and Liam watched the three of us like a sitcom.

"Shit. You two are... Together?" Harry asked, looking from me to Louis. He nodded, but I shrugged. I guess we were.

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