chapter 2

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Me (Amber), Olivia, and Richard are sitting in lunch and Olivia is talking about the crime scene she got to go to yesterday.  She said "we found a footprint at the crime scene, but the dumb ass Atheana had to step all over it, but we know it was a size 7, and that she left AAA at the crime scene."  I can't wait to find out who did this Olivia thought to herself.

"What kind of person could do that to someone else" I said with an innocent expression.

"I don't know but when i find out there going to get what they deserve" stated Olivia.

"I wish u all the luck on your hunt for the killer, but i have to go i'm helping my mom with her car but text me later Amber... bye Olivia" Richard said while walking away waving.

"Ok i will" I said blushing, I look over and see that Olivia is getting mad.

Olivia shouts "Bye" she turns and said "why did he tell you to  text him"?

"I don't know i heard from some people he likes me but who knows" I said forgetting she liked him "oh a sorry i know u like him... I cant help if he has feelings for me or not."

"I know its not your fault.  No one can help how they feel about some one" Olivia said upset.

"Well I have to go i have some work to do tonight... studying you know" I said trying to get out of the akward tension.

"Ok bye have fun" Olivia said with an upset tone in her voice.

i went home and started to plot my next crime.  I was thinking about hanging some one but making it look like suicide, but who?  Maybe Eric's brother Dustin Fundle he's 16 (they have the same dad not mom), and I could seduce him very easy.  He always liked me and i knew it, but who doesn't like some one with blonde hair blue eyes.  :ow should i leave the Triple  A this time?  The question shout through my head.

I'm going to do it next week at 10 p.m. on Saturday.  I need to start talking to him again.  So i text Richard and Dustin at the same time.  Richard was flirting with me, and i was flirting with Dustin.  I have always liked him he was always my friend maybe i wont kill him... I will save him for another time.  I will kill his older sister Ashley she is 18 and is the closes one to him ... perfect (evil laugh).

sorry haven't posted in so long i havent had the time but again let me know if you like it or not i need to know well bye.


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