Pregnancy and Seeing the family

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I woke up the next morning with the sun light in my eyes. 'what the hell happened last night?' I thought rubbing my head. I noticed that im naked and then looked next to me.

"No fucking way...." I mumbled. There laying asleep next to me is Travis. I quickly got up and found my underwear bra and my dress. I got my silver heals. I ran to the door quietly and then called Jordan.

"What the hell do you want Clara?" She said.

"I need a ride and hurry." I said frantic.

"Where are you?" Jordan asked

" Im at...Travis'" I said.

" Im on my way." Jordan said hanging up. I sat down on the curb and about 10 minutes later Jordan pulled up.

I got in and buckled up.

" Do you remember what happened? " Jordan asked. I shook my head no.

" Oh honey." she said.

" I dont remember anything! I didnt want to lose my virginity to HIM! You know how much I hate him. Im not a lightweight either. I only had two Sex on the Beach. and the rest was fuzzy." I said frustrated.

" Lets go inside. Take a shower and then we'll talk okay?" jordan said. I nodded and got out. I opened the door to our house and went to my room. I took a shower. I got out got sweatpants and a sports bra. I went to the living room and sat down next to Jordan.

" I dont even know if we used a condom." I said looking at the tv.

" Oh fuck. Clara im sorry." Jordan said.

"Its not your fault." I said.

"Let's talk about something different. Ill go make some tea real quick. " Jordan said. She went to the Kitchen and she came out with my Favorite Eore cup I got in Minnesota that my Uncle got me. I smiled at her and nodded my head to thank her.

"Im going to visit my Aunt June and Jack in a couple weeks. Wanna come?" I asked before sipping my drink.

" Hell yeah! I love Aunt June!" Jordan yelled. I laughed and shook my head.

~2 weeks later~

I woke up nauseous again. I have been nauseous for the past 3 days and its getting on my nerves. I ran to the bathroom and puked up my dinner last night. I groaned and sat down.

" Jordan!" I yelled. I heard foot steps and saw Jordan with a bag.

"Did you get them?" I asked. She nodded.

"I'll be out here waiting for you." Jordan said. I nodded and shut the door. I sighed and took out a pregnancy test. I did what the test told me to do and I sat down waiting for the results.

"You okay?" Jordan asked through the door. I opened it and let her.

"Well?" She asked.

"I haven't looked at it yet." I said. Tears were brimming my eyes.

"Do you want me to look." Jordan asked.

"Can we look together?" I asked. She nodded. We looked at eachother and then at the test. I flipped it over and dropped it in the sink. I started sobbing into Jordan's shoulder.

"Shh...Its going to be okay. Im gonna be there for you okay?" Jordan said.

"Im not ready Jordan." I said.

"Your not thinking..." Jordan said looking at me.

"What? No! You know I dont believe in abortion." I said.

"I know. What about aunt june and jack?" Jordan asked.

"Im going to tell them first. I trust them more than my mom." I said.

Jordan nodded and looked at me.

"C' mon we have to leave in a couple days. Lets go pack." Jordan said. I nodded and went to my room. I started to pack and looked at my stomach. ' Well here goes nothing' I thought.

Its been a couple days since I found out im pregnant. Me and Jordan are leaving to go to Jasper, Nevada. Its not that far away actually. We live in Las Vegas so we just have drive. We decided to take my BEAUTIFUL black Dodge ram 3500. We packed the truck up and we were on our way. 7 hours later we pulled into their drive way. My truck started to make noise so I turned it off and noticed there were other cars here too. There was an Ambulance, Semi Truck, A Green SUV, and a Black and Yellow Camaro.

"What the hell is wrong with your truck?" Jordan asked.

"I dont know I have to look." I said. We got out and went to the front door and Knocked. Jack answered.

"Clara!" Jack said excited.

"Hey Jack!" I said hugging him.

"Hey Jordan!" Jack said.

"What's up Jack?" Jordan asked then started laughing.

"You watch too much Duck Dynasty." I said shaking my head.

"Come on in." Jack said opening the door wider.

"Mom! Clara and Jordan are here!" Jack yelled.

"Clara! I missed you !" Aunt June said. Hugging me.

"I missed you too!" ai said hugging back smiling.

"Oh look at you two. So grown up. Last time I saw you guys you were graduating high school." Aunt June said.

"Its been a long time." I said sitting down in the living room.

"Oh where are my manners. Let me introduce you to a couple of friends." Aunt June said.

"This is Arcee, BulkHead, BB, Optimus, Ratchet, Miko, and Raph." Aunt June said

"Its very nice to meet you all." I said smiling. I looked at them and then looked at Ratchet. He looked kinda of cute. Probably in his late 30s but hey not bad.

"Where do you live? " Miko asked.

"Las Vegas." I said.

"3,2,1...." Ratchet mumbled.

"Cool! Do you gamble there? Is it fun? Have you lived there your entire life? Do you go to college?" Miko rappid fired at me. I chuckled.

"No I dont gamble its a waste of money. At times it is fun. I was actually born in Wolverhampton, England but moved here when I was 16. And yes I go to college Im studying to be a medic." I said.

" Wow... You just rappid answered Miko's questions." Raph said. I chuckled.

"I like her already!" Miko said.

"Alright alright Dinner is ready." Aunt June said. We got up and went to the kitchen and sat down. We ate except Ratchet, BB, Optimus, Arcee, and BulkHead. We went to the Living Room and talked for a while before everyone had to leave. Everyone left and I went to bed.

I woke up early in the morning and decided to work on my truck. I went to my truck and got my tools. I was working on my truck when I heard Jack come out.

"Clara what are you doing?" Jack asked.

"My truck was making a funny revving sound so im looking at it." I said. After I said that I saw everyone pull up and got out the cars.

" Now if you excuse me Ill continue to work on my truck and if you bother me again my wrench is coming at you. Got it?" I said twirling my wrench with my finger. I heard laughing looked at Ratchet.

"Okay okay. I know the drill." Jack said.

"Good. Now leave so I can work." I said turning back around working on it. I looked at my transmission and checked it. It was low so I put more transmission fluid in it. I checked my raditor and saw that it was busted.

" Your raditor is busted." I heard someone say.

" I know." I said and came face to face with Ratchet. I saw him look at my eyes and I started to blush...

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