Down the hole

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I walked. Walked until my feet were sore and my face hurting from the sting of cold ice on my skin.

I don't remember the last time I took a walk. Maybe I don't remember because I never have really taken a walk. Mother always says that the world was an ugly place filled with ugly people. She must have been looking in the mirror.

I look down at the ground. It's a little green with growing patches of white all around. It was snowing ever so lightly. It seemed so much more welcoming then my home. The trees had some few leaves hanging on for dear life to the branches so they don't float away in the wind.

I kept walking. The forest got a little bit thicker. Maybe I should go back, I thought. No. I don't think I want to. Not to her.

The snow started to stop and it got a little bit warmer. That's odd.

I dug in my pocket, looking for my amulet.

I shrugged off my winter coat. It was around 50 degrees now.

I rubbed my amulet, hoping for the best.

Well, the best would be if I found somewhere I belonged. Or maybe someone I belonged with. Oh, my fantasies....

All this time thinking, I was looking at the ground. So it surprised me to see not a patch of snow and leafy trees all around me when i looked up, with grass as green green as,well, grass.

It was like I transported to a totally different environment!

As I walked further,it got hot. So I shed of all of my sweaters and coats that left me in my sky blue dress.

I looked up to see a beautiful clear sky. Amazing. Oh I'll never go home!

As I was gazing at beautiful tulips, I saw a fury, soft white head pop up out of the flowers.

It was a cute little bunny with a vest, an eyeglass, and a pocket watch! And he was standing on his hind legs! And I really do think I heard him mumbling something about being late.

"Oh my! Where did you come from little rabbit?"

I tired to pick him up, but right when I put my fingers on him he hopped away quickly and said,

"I'm sorry! But I'm late! I can never be late!"

Then he disappeared in the trees.

"Wait! What are you late for? Wait Mr. Rabbit!"

I followed him, hopping over roots and ducking under branches. I followed him, but got tired of running and started to walk.

"How pathetic," I said to myself out loud.

"I'm sixteen! And look at me chasing rabbits!"

I didn't stop walking even though I felt dumb.

I started to walk fast an angry. But I accidentally tripped and fell into a bush.


While I was brushing all the sticks and twigs from my dress, I took a step. I was very taken back when there was no ground for me to put my foot on.

I slipped into a hole.

But not just any hole.

As I screamed on my way down, I realized that there was common house hold items just floating there while I was falling!

I saw paintings, bookshelves, and almost got crushed by a piano!

I fell into a chair only to fall out again and on to a hard floor.

I didn't hit it as hard as I though I would.

I got on my knees and looked around. I was sitting on checker board tile. The ceiling was beautiful, and there was a sculpted, mahogany table sitting in middle of the secluded room.

I also noticed something else, there was a small door in one of the rose wallpaper walls. It was like a door for a cat or a small dog.

Or maybe, a rabbit.

I stood up, dusted off and realized that there was a ceiling above me!

How could that be?

I just fell from there!

I looked to the table. There was a key! For the small door!

I grabbed it and started to walk over to the miniature door, but then I though about it.

How could I fit through a small door like that? I mean, I'm skinny but not that skinny!

I looked back to the table. This time I noticed there was a small bottle. I picked up and looked at it. It's liquid was a purple color. And it had a tiny note on it.

It read ,"Drink me!"

Well, it didn't sound too promising. But where else was I to go?

I didn't know what else to do, so I just drank it.


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