Everything in my body warned me about this. No, don’t let him in, not after that freaky dream you had. Not until you find out whats going on with y'all. But if I don’t talk to him, how will I find out I thought to myself. Oh great now im talking to myself. Kora, your going crazy. I hear him clear his throat.

“So, can I come up?”

“Uhm, I'm not sure, my parents are asleep and I don’t want them to wake up and find that your hear in my room.” Well it was true, sort of, but how would I explain to him I had a scary dream that he was trying to kill me and him not be offended.

“...are you sure, I really want to talk to you. I've been thinking about you and I really need to talk to you.”

I could tell in his voice he was nervous and serious at the same time.

“Ok, ill come down to you, meet me in my back yard in the white shed in the back. I'll see you their in five minutes.”

The shed was used for me and my friends when we wanted a place to hang out when we were little. It's a bit broken down now, but still close enough so if I have to scream my parents will hear me. Plus I wasn't to keen on the idea of being murdered in my own room.

Even though I was scared to go meet him I still wanted to look good without being to obvious. I threw on a gray long sleeve shirt, that went down to my knees and some black leggings. Take my hair out of its bun and brush it so that the waves fall gently down my back and shoulders. Creeping downstairs wasn't difficult because I've snuck outside to comfort either Kaylee or Cassie when a date didn't go well or other problems with their life.

One slow walk to the end of the hallway where my parents room was and I heard them snoring so I knew it was a go. I walk slowly down the stairs careful to miss the spots that creak. Managed my way threw the living room in the dark till I come to the garage door. Unlocking that one and walking threw to the first door on the left and I was out. If it wasn't for the terrifying feeling from my dreams this would be exciting. Sneaking out to meet the love of my life and we make out but not get to far under the stars. Sadly this wasn't the case and besides, their weren't even any stars. It actually looked very cloudy like it was getting ready for a thunderstorm. I hope it doesn't rain on us, the shed leaks pretty bad.

Finally I get their and a beam of moonlight shines threw the clouds and illuminates his face. His blue eyes glowing in the light hypnotizes me and I just want to feel the tingle of his lips on mine once more. I walk closer to him as he just stares at me with an intensity of fire.

“what did you want to talk about?”

“I, uhm...just wanted to see how you where. I didn't get a chance to get your number or anyone else for that matter so I couldn't ask anyone for it. I just wanted to talk some more.”

“Why did you want to talk to me, you just walked out on me earlier.” I couldn't say it while looking at him. I had to lower my eyes to hide the pain from him just leaving.

“I'm sorry love, please forgive me. Everything is so complicated right now, but in time I know you will understand.”

“Why do you call me Love and Your Love? What do I have to understand? I like you, a lot actually. I've never had feelings for anyone much less like this, and I want to know how you feel. I told you earlier that I felt something between us and you said nothing, why?”

Catching me off guard I feel his arms wrapped against me and he is pulling me to him. I have a flash of my dream where he lunges at me and pull from his warm embrace and fall to the ground. I look up at him with wide eyes and see worry in his.

“Are you ok, why did you pull away from me? I thought you liked when I held you.” I feel a tinge of red on my cheeks.

“I'm ok, just a bad memory from a dream I had a little bit ago. You just scared me a little bit.” I look back up and he looks away but I still see the hurt in his eyes.

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