Dirty dirt

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(This chapter is best if you read it in Rarity's accent. Because Its Radiance. And Radiance has Rarity's accent. And also, every time I make a chapter for each of the seven, I'm gonna make a chapter that doesn't have a certain P.O.V.)

Radiance's P.O.V

'That rock is icky!' 'That tree needs more glitter!' 'How come nopony takes fashion seriously?' 'My pony petty is getting chipped!' I think as I look around the city, trudging the way home. But a fashionable trudge.

As soon as I walk into the house, I trot slowly over to the bathroom. I get in the shower and use my usual three pounds of mane conditioner and lots of soap to get my coat nice and shiny.

Once I dry off and get out, I go into my room and get out my makeup. Tonight was the first night I ever went to a grown-up party. My mother was going to make sure I looked beautiful, so I had to get started right away.

I brushed my mane and curled it, and I curled my eyelashes. Then, once I was done ironing my tail, I put hot pink hoof polish on. And once I was finished with my cherry blossom lipstick, I put in my earrings. Thn I asked my mom to come and help me with the mane chalk.

Once we were finished with the mane chalk, (I put purple streaks in my mane) I put my pearls on. Then I put on the dress that my mom had given me for the party. It matched hers. "I'm ready to go now, mother." I say.

"Okay, darling. And while we're going there, you can tell me all about your first day." My mom said. I cringed. My first day had been...... dirty.

"Okay, so first, we all had to sit in the gymnasium, but I didn't want to because the floor was icky and my hooves were getting muddy." My mom gasped. "Then Twinkle sparkle went onstage and did a three-hour speech that I fell asleep halfway through. After that they talked about when which class was going to be, and then I came home, and you know the rest." I explain.

"Nevermind all that speech stuff! We have to get to the spa quick! Your pony petty is cracked!" My mom says, as we trot over to the spa. After I'm done getting my pony petty redone, we finish our walk to the party.

Once we walk in, I get excited because all of the ponies here look so posh. But none of them look as good as us. In fact, nopony was lokking at anypony else but us.

Some of them trotted over, and my mom went to get some punch. I stayed and tryed to make small talk.

"Hello there. How are you this fine evening?" I asked them. They just stared at me, and began to think that was the wrong thing to say. But they just started laughing at me.

Hint hint: LAUGHING AT ME.

This did not make me happy. Oh, no not one little bit. But before I was able to blow my fuse, Somepony spoke up.

"Awww, she's so cute!"

This pushed me past my boiling point. "Cute!?" I yelled. I got closer to the posh ponies.

"CUTE!?" I screamed. My mom looked over from the punch bowl. I notice where I was suddenly, and reached my magic behind me for some pie.


The posh ponies are now covered in pie. But I had been so fashionable, and used a paintbrush to make them look like dolls with little bows. "NOW who's the cute one?" I asked.

The posh ponies backed away. "Oh, good job sweetheart!" My mom trots over. "Er, she's your DAUGHTER?" One of the pony pipes up. He has a styled blue mane and tail, and he has a moustache that goes along with them.

On one eye he has a spectacle, and he's wearing a tuxedo. I recognize him as......

"FANCYPANTS!" I scream. "I'm very sorry I did this to you Fancypants. I just couldn't control my anger." I say, tears welling up in my eyes. Fancypants wipes them away. "Don't worry." He says.

I smile.

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