To Be a Hufflepuff

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To Be a Hufflepuff

Jennie LaCrox, a pureblood decended from a long line is Slytherins, is devistated when placed in Hufflepuff. However, she soon discoveres that the supposedly 'mediocre' house is not all that it seems.

Chapter 1 – when it all went wrong

“Good bye sweethearts,” Mother said, kissing me and my twin sister, “write to us as soon as you can, alright?”

“Of course, Mother.” Abbie said, rolling her eyes.

“And I promise I'll write when Abbie gets sorted into Hufflepuff.”

“Jennie!” Abbie looked shocked, “that's not a joking matter!”

“It's okay,” father said, “I know both my little pureblood princesses are perfect slytherins. Luckily there is no chance if having a hufflepuff in the family. Oh, and Jennie darling; please say hello to Severus for me.

“Will do!” I hopped onto the train, and waved one last time before going along to find a compartment. Turning around, I noticed Abbie wasn't with me. I retraced my steps, and found her at the door looking back at our parents. “what are you doing?” I asked her, “we have to go get a compartment!”

“yeah,” she turned around, and I noticed that her face was a little blotchy, “it's just... first year at hogwarts. Yay. I guess.”

“good greif!” I said as I pulled her along the isle, “you're actually going to end up in Hufflepuff if you keep acting all like that! Get some backbone girl.”

Abbie and I were twins. 'As like as two peas in a pod' Mother said, and she was right. Our Veela genes were pretty dominant too, as we were both really pretty and had long blond hair and blue eyes. We would have been twin angels, except WE were going to be in slytherin. I wondered what that made us.

I found an empty compartment, and we sat down together. After a few minutes, just as the train began to move, the door to the compartment opened. A red-haired (probably a Weasley, and in which case, Gryffindor) stuck his head in. His twin weasel stood behind him.

“Hello, girls!” He grinned, and stuck out his hand for Abbie to shake, “do you mind if we sit with you? The other compartments are full.” He gestured to his twin and another black kid behind him.

“So we're a last resort, are we?” Abbie said, ignoring his hand,

“Look again,” I said, taking my chances with the fact that he was probably a Griffindor and being rude, “you might have missed a compartment.” And getting up, I closed the door in front of him. Behind the glass I saw a shocked expression on his face, but I just smirked and turned away. Serves him right, the Griffindork. Almost before I got back to my seat, there was a knock.

“Yes?” Abbie called, and the door opened to admit a tall black haired boy, and a slightly shorter brown haired one. Both in black and green robes. Seeing as they were probably fifth years or something, they naturally did not need to ask permission, but sat down and made themselves at home. I moved and sat in the corner with Abbie.

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