After six days of realizing that the Danny I've been having conversations with, and revealing my deepest thoughts with is actually Jason, my kidnapper, I finally break down. Six damn days I've been here. Out of those six, he's tried to rape me twice, but luckily my period had started. He's gone to the store to pick me up some womanly goods, expecting that to make me be grateful towards him. But no, everytime he comes back and lets me out of my chains, after I promise not to run of course, I just grab the items and nod my head with my head low and walk to the bathroom that I found out is the door on the far right.

                              Today though... something is different. I hear heavy footsteps making their way down the basement stairs with mumbling following. The footsteps continue until I feel a presence behind me, the hair on the back of my neck stick up.


I know its him. No one else has made their way down here. But the only response I get is heavy breathing.

He walks around me to the point where I can see his face drenched in beads of sweat. His eyes are full on red and his pupils heavily dilated. His chest rises and goes back down with every breath he takes.

"You don't love me, do you?"

"What?" I ask surprised.

Jason sadly lets his eyes drop and clenches his fists. He brings his eyes back to me as his eyebrows crease.

"Well I've waited long enough, Raven. I'm going to make you fucking love me."

Before I can protest to his comment, he starts to unbuckle his jeans. He pulls his boxers down along with them, revealing what was in them. I can't help but stare at him as my mind collapses and he continues to undress himself.

"You ready Gorgeous?" He comes over and places his chapped lips against mine. I purse my lips and spit in his mouth. He wipes his mouth and slaps me against my cheek. De Ja Vu. He makes his way back to his jeans lying on the floor and bends down to retrieve a pair of scissors from the back pocket. Shit! Why didn't I see that?

            "Jason...what are you doing? Jason!"

He cuts my shirt that he had purchased for me into two parts and flings it. He then cuts up my old, bloody bra, revealing me completely. I pull at the chains screaming at the top of my lungs.

"Help! Help! Please..." I shake my head.

Jason pulls down my pants furiously then my panties. He eyes me with lust in his eyes, licking his lips, getting an eye full.

"Jason! Ja-"

I try to finish my sentence, but instead my eyes grow wide. The pain starting in my pelvis starts to intensify as it goes to my brain. Eyes still wide, I look down to see the cause. Jason had taken my innocence. There's nothing he can't take from me now, because the worse has been done. Blood is everywhere on the table. Drizzling to the edge, then dripping to the floor. I lie my head back down and close my eyes, ceasing my breath until the pain passes, but instead it continues as he cups my breast. He lets out a huge groan as he pounds one more time, collapsing on my body. It's over.


I take my headphones off and try to hear the flight attendant's announcement, but all the babies' crying makes it pretty hard. I look out the window to see that we've landed at the airport. I smile and shove my headphones into my pocket. I've been waiting to get back home all month. Don't get me wrong, of course I've missed my mom ever since her and my dad got their divorce, but I can't wait to see Rae. I can't wait to see her cute, mysterious eyes or her adorable blushing.She hasn't answered any of my texts in a while. Wow, I sound needy. I shake the thoughts out of my head and get up to help my dad with our few bags. We find our car out in the parking lot and head back home. I drift off to sleep thinking about all the stuff I'll tell Rae as soon as the car stops in our driveway.

             "Son. Son! Wake up, we're home. Help grab the bags, will ya?"

I groggily open my hands, stretching my arms out in a yawning motion and slump back into the comfy car chair.

"Sure thing, Dad. I'll get right on it. Let me just run and go say hi to a friend ok?"

Before he could protest, I'm already across the street at Rae's door. I bring my fist up to knock, but hesitate. Why the hell am I nervous!? I've never been nervous of shit before. The door suddenly flings open and a tired looking woman appears. Her blouse was stained, and her hair was all over. With a coffee cup in one hand and a phone in the other, she eyes me up and down.

"Who are you?"

I clear my throat.

"Um, hello ma'am. I'm a friend of Rae, Is she in?"

"...No. She's been missing for a while now."


" I came home one day and found her cell phone by the door step," She lifts her shoulders up then back down in a shrugging motion. "So i assumed she left."

"You assumed? Did you call the police?"

She leans against the door frame, arms crossed. Her shirt lifts up a little and I notice the gun on her waist.  I could also sense her impatience creeping on.

"Mind your business, kid."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Does this bitch have a heart?

"What the hell! She could've been killed, murdered! Or kidnapped. Have you even thought of that?"

She swallows spit and turns her head, looking back into her house. She pulls her body back in and slams the door, leaving me in my own thoughts.


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