My First Love

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They say its nothing like your first love . I never understood that.  Fell in love with one of the worst people every.  He was perfect in my eyes played football star of his neighbor rapper and popular.  Never in a million year would I have thought he would have been my first love.

The type of nigga that got every girl and didn't give a fuck about none of them.  Once I got him I thought I was different cause he would tell me he loved me.  He cheated and say im sorry "I love you ' shit like your the only girl for me im sorry I wont do it again.

I forgave him every time. Then after almost 9 months of it being us he left me for another girl and thats when my eyes were opened wide opened and thats when my dumb loved blinded ass came to the conclusion.  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. "This nigga dont love me.' It honestly broke me for a while. Then I got to the place where I took a look in the mirror and said nobody else would want me never paid any attenattention to all the other boys telling me how beautiful I was or how the other boys wanted me cause I only wanted him

I thought he was the only one I wanted to be with that no body will ever replace or be like him.

I was heart broken.  Then I got up one day I fixed my hair up pretty threw on some cute clothes and looked in the mirror and I told my self "Your beautiful theres others like him and we dont want them Because you deserve better and you can do better because you are beautiful Why settle for less? ' That was the day I decided to move on the day I decided that me and him were done.

Then I went through a bunch of boys no one compared none of them filled that hole in my heart that he left so I cut everyone off and decided to find myself I decided to fill that hole myself All the heartbreak and depression I went through doing that was hell noone else saw it or noticed not even my 2 bestfriends they didn't notice how down I was I lost my happy I lost my excitingness so I decided to pick up something else to do with my free time I started to play basketball to keep my mind off him.

Then I learned my coach was a asshole and basketball honestly did not work it stressed me out more but it did get my mind off him for a while but the killer parts are

The people around me that mentions him and Him (we go to the same school)

People ask me do I miss him and the answer is no I tell them no cause why would I how he did me? and I'm supposed to miss him thats where I'm at ive thought about him so much Ive thought about all the bad memories of how he would hurt me and how I would cry or be in tears and how it wouldn't effect him I decided to say FUCK MY EX

Now Theres a hole but I'm happy that hes not in it. I care about him but I dont miss him . I have better things to do than sorry about someone thats not worrying about me...  Amen?

But anyways that was the story of my first love I really needed to get that off my chest

(Ill be working on updates this week and tonight )

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