Part 35

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Brian's pov

When i pulled up in the driveway i noticed that Bridget wasn't there. i quickly got out the car and unlocked the front door. seeing that it was 5:20 i had to hurry up.  I quickly changed my clothes and ran back out the door. making sure i locked it on my way out.

When i arrived at the councling office it was 5:39. "Hi, sorry im late" i said barging inside. "Its ok brian you may have a seat" he told me. i sat down beside bridget and held her hand. she looked at me and smiled. im glad she wasn't mad at me for being late. "Ok, so how has everything been going between you two lately?" "Its been good so far" Bridge replied. "Yea, it has" i said agreeing with her. he smiled at us and nodded his head up and down. "Brian im proud of you" he said leaning forward to shake my hand. i smiled and shook his hand. "Thank you" i said. "So have you guys written your letters of why you want this relationship to work?" he asked us. i nodded but then immediately shook my head. i changed clothes and left it in my other pants pocket. "I left mines in my other pants pocket but im sure i can remember it" "ok then, brian you go first" he stated. "Ok, bridge i want our relationship to work cause i love you so much, and me loving you dont need to go to waste" i said as i squeezed her hand. "Ok, now your turn Bridget" "So our relationship is going to work because we've been through too much for it to just go to waste" I smiled at  her answer. "ok, so you guys have been doing pretty good in your relationship so far, im  impressed" He told us smiling.  "Do you guys have any questions to ask me?" He said standing up. "no" we both simply said. "Ok, nice seeing you two again" he said shaking our hands. "Now i have one more thing, I want both of you to spend more time with your daughter ok?" I nodded my head and Bridget did the same. "Ok, thank you" Bridge stated. "No problem, next meeting is in 4 weeks"

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