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-The Next Morning-

Me: *Gets up when my alarm goes off and goes downstairs, sees Louis*  Good morning Lou.

Lou: Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?

Me: *Nods* Yeah.

Lou: That’s good.

Me: I guess. Did you sleep well?

Lou: Not really. But I think I’ll be okay.

Me: Okay then…

Lou: If you’re hungry, help yourself to whatever. Just don’t eat my carrots.

Me: *Cracks a smile and laughs* I won’t. I bought my own thank you. *Goes into the kitchen and gets some cereal, then sits at the table* So, what exactly are you doing today?

Lou: Well the guys and I have an interview, so we’ll more than likely be gone for a while.

Me: *Nods* Mmkay. So I’ll be by myself for a little bit.

Lou: Yeah. Unless you want to come.

Me: No, I think I’ll just stay home. Probably visit a few places.

Lou: Okay. Just be careful.

Me: I will. *Looks at my iPad* You better get going. It’s almost 8.

Lou: *Jumps up and hugs me and kisses my cheek* See you later Imani.

Me: Bye Lou. I’ll lock the door behind you.

Lou: Alright. Thanks. *Runs out the door*

Me: *Closes the door and locks it, then goes up to my room and takes a shower, then gets out and gets dressed*

(Outfit On The Side)

Me: *Sits on the couch and starts watching their interview*

Interviewer: So Louis, I heard someone was back in town that you haven’t seen in forever.

Lou: Yes, that is true.

Z: Wait, who?!

Lou: You guys remember that one girl that used to come over and sing with us whenever she had a chance to?

H: The one with the brown hair, that liked it when people played with it?

Lou: Yeah.

Li: I remember her. She’s was one of the sweetest girls I ever met and a beautiful one.

Me: *Looks down and smiles*

Lou: Yeah. But do you remember her name?

Li: Not exactly. I just remember her face and her personality.

Lou: My best friend’s name is Imani.

N: I miss her. You mean to tell me that she’s here and didn’t visit?

Lou: I talked her into going out with Eleanor and I last night.

N: Oh…

Me: *Laughs a bit and turns off the TV as they get more into their upcoming concert, gets up and grabs my bag, then leaves*


Hey guys here's part 3 for you! I'm so sorry for the long wait. Exams are coming up and I've just been having problems. So here you guys go!



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Stay strong and beautiful! :)

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