Powers Chapters 9 & 10

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A/N: I worked real hard to get this chapter out!


Well, what an experience that was with Morgan. I didn't think life could get any better, but it did! I, have got a number! Yes, I did it. I made it out if the friendzone. In your face society.

Plus, now I can rub in Ryan's face that I have a girlfriend. Wait, actually, I would want to remind him of- you know what, nothing.

I run to the elevator, press floor one, and wait. As I make my way down the sidewalk towards center city, a blue Camaro pulls up next to me and I hear my friend Alexandra shout.

"Get in!" she yelled.

I smiled and jumped in.

"Well aren't you happy, says Christina.

"It's nothing."

"They know," says Ryan.

"Aww come on, I wanted to tell them."

"Did you kiss?" asks Alexandra.


"Not even a little?"


"Fine," she says, satisfied.

I can tell my ears are red but I don't care. I crack a window and look out.

"While you were playing love bird we were out finding our little friend here," says Ryan.

"Hi," chirps a voice on the other side of the car.

I see a little head with short blonde hair pop out. And then return to his seat.

"We are going to the latest Drone sighing, there is reportedly a drone there with two blades instead of a laser," says Ryan.

"The heck."

"That's what I thought when I heard about it, but we do know one more thing, it has been dubbed a Hunter."

"It seems as if the drones are evolving," says Christina.

"Then lets go stop the evolution!"

"Exactly," says Alexandra.

I can see that we are not in Charlotte anymore as we drive. Also, I have to go through the torturously long explanation of what happened when I was, "playing lovebird."

We turn into a housing development through a back entrance and we all look at the pillar of smoke in the distance. Great, we have to go there. As we approach I can sense that whatever caused that smoke isn't gone. There is a distant sound of explosions and screams.

Suddenly, we round a corner and I get my first glimpse of a Hunter. It walks- no, strides through its Drone comrades, slashing and pouncing on the police that are trying to stop it. The fight is not going well in our favor.

Ryan pulls the car over and we jump out. This is not going to be easy. I watch as Alexandra morphs into a Rhino and begins to smash through line after line of Drones. Giant spikes made if ice erupt from the ground as Christina raises her arms. And Ryan- wait where's Ryan?

I look up and my jaw hits the ground. Ryan is on cloud nine, literally. He floats there and sends down bolt after bolt of lightning. I watch as they arc to the ground and explode amidst a group of Drones.

But Conner is still sitting in the car, staring out at us. I run over to him and knock on the window. I point at the Drones and punch my left palm with my right hand.

He shakes his head and points to the police officers. Oh! He is afraid he might hurt someone. I open the door and pull him out.

"No time for doubt!" I say and shove him forward.

Then I run, jump on to the hood of the nearest police car and begin to throw fireballs into the horde of drones. I turn to my left just in time to see the Hunter leap at me. Then everything stops. I can't move, and nothing on this street is moving either.

Or so it seems.


I turn right to see the Hunter leap at josh and will everything to just stop, I activate my Temporal powers and the Drone freezes in mid air. Alone with everything else within a mile of my position.

I stride over casually and tap the drone. It falls down on the ground face first. At the same time I create a sword made of ice as well as shield. It gets up and turns to me.

"How dare you immobilize my troops!" it growls.

Then, I feel my veins filling with ice. My eyes turn a shade of icy blue and a spike just out of the ground and straight through the torso of the Hunter just as his dual blades emerge.

I stare, with pride as my ice weapons dissipate and the people and Drones begin to move again. Every head on the street turns to either me or the impaled Hunter. The rest if the Drones look at me and fall to their knees.

At least Ryan knew how to give Drones some human emotions. There is only one I care about right now.


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