Chapter eleven: the portal.

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Kid was asking me what time is now?

I answered, 11:16.

Oh no i has to open portal to dark land! He shouted.

Candy? I snapped my fingers.

Sorry, i am too cold to fly. Candy whimpered.

Kid and me drop our mouth, REALLY?

Blizzard is here now. Candy shivering.

James barked, you could take ride on my kitty.

Kitten is too small. Kid rolls his eyes.

James whistled and huge snow jaguar walked to us and showed her sharp teeth.

I shouted, we would take the ride!

James barked, i would watch candy.

Kid and I hopped on kitty.

ROAR! Kitty growled and running.

Good luck! James waving his paws.

I pulled kitty's fur, kitty was run so fast, and I just can't believe it.

I tossed tube and it burst into portal.

I pulled kitty... kitty was jumping into portal.

AHH! Make this stop! Kid shouting

What wrong with that? I looked at him.

I am feeling nauseous... he spinning his head.

Kitty stopped her paws.

There portal! I shouted.

Okay fine! He grabs crystal of freezing point.

He ran to portal and pressed crystal into holder.

He ran to kitty and waited.

Suddenly we looked at eclipse of full moon shooting blue laser into crystal.

Suddenly strong force started to erupt.

Portal was opening....

GO! Kid yelled at many battle owls flying.

All solider grab claws and jump on owls.

I asked kid, why battle owl not Pegasus?

He said, dark land does have black magic, battle owl do immune it. He said.

Oh that interesting, i replied.

Want to fight? He grabs my hands and owl's claws.

We jumped on owl; wow this owl's feather is so SOFT! I giggled.

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