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1. lacking some element or characteristic; defective

2. insufficient; inadequate


faulty, flawed, incomplete, inferior, lacking, scarce, unsatisfactory, weak, bad, damaged, shy, unfinished, wanting, sketchy, unequal, not cut out for, not enough.

Deficient. Just one of the few words I have been called my whole life. At first I thought it was just one word, but now I understand it owns a million different meanings. The word has since then taken over me, and made myself each and every one of its horrid definitions.



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Constructive Criticism.I really don't want to see comments saying " This story sucks. " or " Man your a stupid writer. " because nobody wants to see that. I'm a teenage girl! I know I'm not J.K. Rowling , John Green , or Nicholas Sparks. However with your help politely helping me improve my writing I can at least a little close. ( This is an understatement. Nobody can be as good as them.)


I do not own the cover photo or text. The cover was made by @ForgetRegrett, wish I really want to thank her for making a beautiful cover I am very thankful for.

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