Chapter 3

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We pull into the driveway of a big house. The house has beige sidings and the front is covered with nice stones and theres lots of windows. I like it. I know that this is our house because i've seen pictures of it online, i'm excited to see the inside!

While my parents are talking to the the guys who were driving the moving truck, Jakob and I rush inside the house.

When we you first walk in, theres a closet and a stair case leading to upstairs. Down the hallway theres a big open concept kitchen and living room, theres a glass door leading to a deck outside. Theres a small bathroom and a room that will probably be used as my dads office. Upstairs there is two bedrooms that are the exact same size with a bathroom separating them. Theres a huge bedroom the will no doubt be my parents room, theres also a separate bathroom in there. In the basement, theres a huge room that we'll probably put a TV and our Wii, and theres three other rooms that will be used as guest rooms and storage rooms.

"Sooo what do you guys think?" My mom asks us.

"Its awesome!!!" Jakob says excitingly.

"Yeah it is! Its really big too!" I agree with him.

"We're glad you like it!"

"Did you guys see the backyard?" My dad asks as he pulls open the glass door reveling the deck.

We step outside looking out onto the huge backyard.

"Its perfect for soccer!!!!" Jakob and I say at the same time.

"Your mother and I are thinking about getting a big net so you guys can practice on each other all summer long"

My brother and I are big soccer freaks! Its both our favorite sport, we've both been playing since we were four years old! We've been playing competitive soccer every summer since grade five!

We thank our parents and start unpacking our stuff.

****The Next Day****

I wake up, stretch and walk around in my almost empty room. All i have is my desk, my dresser and my bed. My walls are a light grey color, my parents said we could paint it if i don't like it but I surprisingly like it, i find it relaxing.

I reach over for my phone. I turn it on and a picture of Jakob and some chic that i've never seen before holding hands as my lock screen.

Awwww!! Oh my gosh!! This is so cute!! Aw Jake is growing up!! Waaaait a second... He was a girlfriend... AND HE DIDN'T TELL ME!? Wait another second... Why is this my lock screen!?

I understand now... This is his phone, some how our phones must of gotten switched.

Oh Shit. That means he's got my phone! I have too much to hide on that thing! Haha waaaait I have a passcode, he'll never guess it. 0369! He'll never know!

I take this opportunity to find out who this mystery girl is. I unlock is phone.

Man, he should really have a code, actually i'm glad he doesn't because if he did I wouldn't be able to do this!

I look at his photos and theres probably like 50 pictures of him and this girl together. I can't help but smile at seeing my brother in a relationship. I keep swiping thru the photos until I stop at a picture of him and this girl kissing. On the lips.

Is the eighth grade to young to be making out? Well i had my first kiss when I was Jakob's age... So I guess i'll allow it.

Suddenly, Jakob walks into my room. I quickly put his phone behind my back.

"Have you seen my phone? I have yours" He says.

"I have seen your phone" I say grinning.

"Umm can I have it?"

"Okay, but first... Who is this?" I say showing him a picture if him and mystery girl on his phone.

"Oh uh just a friend"

"Mmmh thats not very friendly, now is it, Jakob?" I show him a picture of him and the girl kissing on the lips with there arms rapped around each other.

His face turns beet red and he just looks at the ground.

I laugh at him. Its cute how he as an interest in girls.

"Its okay! I just want to know who she is!" I say, swinging my arm over my little brothers shoulders.

"Her name is Jessica but I had to breakup with her because of the move"

Awwww!! Middle school love is too cute!

I give him a hug and tell him that he did the right thing. It was kinda weird showing affection towards him though.

I hand him back his phone and he gives me mine. I noticed that he to some selfies on my phone.

Ooh these are gonna me good to blackmail him with!


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