Christmas eve part 2

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Everyone was here except rose Emily and Cally. Rose was on her way with Caterina and lacy and Emily we weren't sure if she was coming. Hopefully Cally won't show up. Christina and Diana where wearing matching dressed except Christina's was red and Diana's was green. As more people came more presents were under the tree. Harry had a really good idea to have everyone sleepover since they would be here tomorrow anyway.

The fire was glowing and we had Christmas music in the background. It was the perfect seen. Alyssa was busy finishing the cooking. I haven't had a christmas with her since we where little. There was a knock on the door and me and Gemma opend it. Rose came in with Caterina and lacy. "Hey Gemma and Lucy. This is Caterina and this is lacy" rose said. Lacy was short and had blonde hair and very thin. Caterina was also short and had long dark hair. "Hi girls do you wanna watch a movie?" I asked. They nodded and I lead them to the couch. I helped them up and put on the grinch. I got Christina and out her on the couch too. Diana was napping.

I was rushing around the whole house when I saw Harry in the kitchen doorway. I walk over and hugged him. "Luc. Look up" he said lifting my chin up to see the mistletoe. He gave me a sweet yet passionate kiss. "I love you" he said. He pulled me in for another kiss when the door ran interrupting us causing us to cheekily smile at each other. I opened the door to see Cally. "Hi Cally" I said with zero enthusiasm. "Hello sweetie. My boy friends parking the car he'll be in a moment" she said. "Great" I said with sarcasm she didn't pick up

Jacobs POV

((A/n remember I said I'm going to call the mean jake Jacob becuase it was getting confusing.)) I don't want to go in. Harry and Lucy will freak out and I don't want Cally to know me and her family don't get along. She doesn't even know I know her family. I got out of the car and locked it. I dragged my self up the porch and rang the door bell.

Lucy's POV

"Oh that must be him I can't wait for you to met him. He's grand. You'll love him" Cally said. Rose went to the door. "Hello there I'm rose you must be Callys boy friend" rose said. "Nice to meet you I'm Jacob" he said stepping in shaking roses hand. That voice sounded familiar. I looked at Harry and exchanged looks with the other lads. We where all thinking the same thing. He came out of the door way and his face was reviled. We stood there jaw dropped unsure of what to do now. "Hi" he said looking down. "Lucy, lads Id like you to met my fiancé Jacob" Cally said hugging him. "Now things are starting to make sense" Louie said laughing. "Look I know we have a bit if a past but I'm sorry." He said. I couldn't breath. "You son of a bitch. You got a lot if nerve coming here" Harry yelled holding me. "What the bloody hells wrong with you all?" Cally said. "I know it was the worst thing I've ever done but please for your sisters sake" he said. "What does Alyssa have to do with this!" I screamed. "Alyssa? Who's Alyssa?" He asked. "My sister you twit!" I yelled. "Cally you have2 sisters?" He asked clueless. "Cally isn't my sister. Don't be daft" I said. "Then how are you related?" He asked confused. "We aren't She's insane and thinks that since she was dating Louis for a week when Christina was an infant that she has some kind if right to the girls. She thinks they are her nieces and frankly I don't even like her" I said. Everyone starred not saying a word. "I'm not going to tell anymore infront of the children.

I carried Christina and lacy upstairs and Caterina followed. I put them in the nursery and put a movie on. I made sure the baby moniter was on and went back downstairs. Well I kinda darted down the stairs and got all up in his face "you drug Liam to rape me and you have the nerve to set foot in my house!" I yelled. "And you!" I said turning to Cally. "I am not your family. You have no relation to my girls what so ever and any chance of us ever being friends is basically out the window. I never invited you here for Christmas. Your jut as insane as you idiot fiancé and I honestly see why your together. I honestly am happy for you just stay away from this house, me and my family" I yelled in Callys face. I instantly felt bad when I saw her face. Then the next thing I knew I was on the floor holding back tears and my cheek was throbbing. "How dare you talk to her that way!" Jacob yelled. I held back the tears but 3 escaped. "You asshole get off my propriety!" Louie said punching him in the face. "In not on your property I'm next to it. Oh you ment the house I thought you ment that bitch" he said proud of himself. Harry helped me up and held me close. "Jacob don't hit her" Cally said. "Little late miss" Zayn said. "Cally I don't hate you I just don't get you. I'd like to get to know you the real you just not right now" I said with 2 more tears falling. "Go! You don't hit my sister you just leave" Alyssa said opening the door. Then they left.

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