Chapter three

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Bella kept playing for almost an hour. Her soup had gotten cold and her fingers were starting to throb. She let out a cry of frustrating. She got up and put her ballet shoes on. She had no other choice because her fingers hurt. She started her swan lake excerpt and let her feet take control.

She danced until her feet throb a bit and there was a knock on the door. She continued hoping it was her dad. Her eyes were closed and the music was controlling her feet.

"Bella? Should I leave?" It was Sam.

Bella's eyes snapped open and she lost her footing. She ended up on her back and her feet throbbed even more.

"Holy skittles!! Are you alright?!" Sam cried rushing to Bella's side.

"I'm fine. Just let me get up. And to the couch." Bella mumbled. "Your not who I thought it was."

"I can see that. You thought I was your dad. He said the soup would be cold and your fingers would be killing you. So I figured that meant you were destroying your feet. With this information, I tried not to startle you."

Sam look concerned and slightly hurt. Bella looked away and a tear hit her knee.

"Sam, what am I going to do when you leave? You will be in Arizona and ill be here in New York! I will be alone like freshman year when you were in the hospital. Except I can't visit!" Bella snapped. "Did you think how everyone around you would react or did that escape you head?"

"Isabella! I thought you wanted me to go to Arizona? Or did you support me so you wouldn't lose me?" Sam said. The look of hurt grew and Bella stood up and backed away.

"What if I said, I'm losing my chance to ask you out?" Bella said and instantly regretted.

"I thought we would avoid that. I thought we were just going to be friends? Or did that leave your girly mind?" Sam asked.

"No. I do not have a girly mind. And I knew that but my feelings got out of hand. Or do you not care because your leaving?" Bella snapped. "Are we going to be friends after you leave? Or will you.... will forget me?"

Bella's face softens slightly and she started the cry.

"How could I forget you? my best friend. Are you really afraid ill forget you?" Sam said. He realized Bella was truly scared of losing another friend.

"Do you think Lindsey forgot me? She never talks to me and she's in college. I love you too much to be forgotten. I would rather die!" Bella wiped her eyes and head for the door.

Sam couldn't react fast enough as she stormed away. "Bella!! Wait!"

"Sam, just go home." Bella snapped.

Everything was over for now. Bella couldn't face the truth that Sam was leaving and might forget her. She just wanted to lose herself some how and first the day existed. She would wake up and go to schools me pretend nothing happened. Then she would spend first period study hall using the grand piano in the band room for a lesson with Mr.Davies. Or dance on the auditorium stage. But for now her bed screamed her name.

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