Liam’s POV

                Last week was the most fun week I have had in such a long time, no one has ever made me laugh as much as Jade does. She may come across as the quiet, sweet South Shields girl, but in reality, she’s a funny, carefree, jokester kind of girl. If I didn’t fancy her so much, I would think she would be the perfect girl for Niall.

“Jade you know since we had fun doing the twitcam last week, I was wondering you’d wanna go to the Funky Buddha with me tonight.” I ask Jade hoping she say yes. She looks at me and nods, “Um I would love to, but doesn’t Sophia go to that club? Do you think you’re ready to see her?”

                “I have to face her sooner or later don’t I?” I ask. She then nods and smiles, “Yeah, you are right. I’ll go with you then!” She says cutely.

                So I get my clothes ready, and text Andy to come along with his girlfriend. Once day turns to night I start to freshen up. I wait in the living for Jade, I know she’s a girl and all but she is taking too long to get ready. I get occupied tweeting fans until I hear Jade’s voice.

                “Okay I’m ready!” she says.

                “About time, you took forever.” I say still looking down at my phone. When I look up, I am mesmerized, I see Jade standing looking at me with a small smile. She looks amazing.

                “Wow, you—you look amazing Jade.” I say to her causing her to blush and look down at the ground, which I found kind of cliché, but super cute.

                “I’ll from the club if that’s okay? Tonight I’ll be the designated driver; you can drink and have fun tonight. Then the next time we go, you’ll be the designated driver.” I say to her.

                “Really? Okay!” She says happily.

                We hop in the car, and drive to the Funky Buddha. I see that my phone vibrated to see that Jade tweeted, any other day we would never reveal where we are, but this is a part of our plan. I read the tweet and smile.

                @JadeInTheMix: Going to the FUNKY BUDDHA tonight. @Andy_Samuels and @Real_Liam_Payne are going to be there too. This is going to be fun :) xxxxx

                I like how she is keeping it safe by tweeting that I’m going to be there and not saying we’re going together. There has been some suspicion of us going out, and we had to reassure everyone that we’re just friends, and since we are both on break and are both single, we can have time to catch up.

                Once we get to the club, I immediately see Andy with his arm around his girlfriend, Daisie. She smiles sweetly and wave, “Hi Liam long time no see. How are you holding up?” She says referring to my breakup with Sophia. She and Sophia are great friends, but I am surprised she has no resentment toward me whatsoever. I smile at her,

                “I’m holding up pretty good, thanks to this crazy little munchkin over her.” I say purposely bumping into Jade, which causes her to giggle and I laugh with her. Andy gives me a look causing me to stop laughing and shake my head,

                “No! I know what you are thinking; Jade and I have no feelings for each other! I mean c’mon, Jade and I? As if. We are only friends; she knows how to have a great banter, nothing more though.” I say through the heat of the moment. I know what I say hurt her, because the same sad smile she had when she was looking through old photos of her and Sam is on her face right now.

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