A child at my doorstep

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His name was Daniel he was 5 year old boy who was running away from his abusive mother. When it started rain, he had been running for 3 days without any food and barely any clothes to keep warm. I heard a knock at my door, it was 12:34 p.m., and he said " I'm so sorry to bother you at this hour but I must ask can I have some food?" I replied to him " Yes come in I will fix you a sandwich." He told me story and then all those terrible memories had came back.

Anne Jenkins a 7 year old girl who heard yelling and screaming from her mom and dad then she saw the worst thing to happen, it was a still December night when she had crept out of bed to the noise of her parents arguing yet again and she cracked open the door. Her mom yelled " you have kept me here for 7 years just to make Anne happy, I'm done with the days of beatings and yelling from you!!!!" That's when Anne saw the worst thing possible could of happened...Her father knocked her mom down the stairs and Anne let out a scream. Bursting out of her room she pushed her father out of the way and ran down the steps to cradle her mom then she saw the blood pouring from her head and knew she was dead. She backed up in horror and ran back up the stairs and hastily whispered to her father " This is NOT over, I will everything to you that you put my mom through and put you in a grave soon!!!" Anne slammed and locked her door and got into her bed and prayed that's what she needed. She heard a tap at her window... it was her mom telling her everything would be okay she rolled over and went to sleep seeing her moms angel.  

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