Look Closer

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I ran for what felt like forever. But had only been hours.

I found my throat was dry and I was needing water.

I had no idea where I was or why I ended up hear.

I perked up my ears to listen for running water or splashing.

I heard the sound of someone skipping rocks and I followed the noise.

Sitting on a dock with her feet dangling in the crystal blue pond was a girl who looked about my age. She had a tear stains running down her cheeks and her blonde hair was pulled into a messy bun.

The girl inhailed then her head snapped up. We made eye contact and she growled.

I was still confused about what was going on. And what the hell I was.

I broke eye contact and walked over to the pond and looked at my reflection. I practically gasped at what I saw.

A wolf. A silver wolf.

I had purple eyes, and a black patch around my right eye and a brown heart on my cheek. My paws were white with gold thin line swirl designs.

I turned to the side and saw that my body was silver with a very light wintery blue underneath.

Why not just throw the rest of the rainbow on.

'We are unique.' She whispered. 'the only one.'

To me this wolf was beautiful but it was to colorful.

'White stands for winter. Blue stands for summer. Gold stands for Spring.'

What does silver stand for?

'All wolfs of great power.'

So we are powerful?

'More than you know.'

I could tell she was holding something back but I don't know what.

The conversation between me and my wolf had me zoned out that I hadn't realized the girl had left.

I plopped down and placed my paws over my head. I heard a twig snap, but I didn't want to move. Because in the scary movies they always look and catch someone doing something and put themselves in danger.

I heard a warning growl and I jumped to my feet.

There stood a big midnight black wolf and a semi-large brown wolf. Behind them were about four other wolves.

The large black wolf growled again.

'Cower down. Show them we mean no harm.'

Are you sure?

'Just do it! Or do you want them to kill us?'

I did as she said and I bowed my head and cowered down not daring to look him in the eyes.

I heard cracking then a booming voice shouted "Shift rouge!"

I just stared at the ground

How do I shift?

He growled. I looked up at him.

I swear my eyes bolged out of my head.

Uncle Mike!

Brown wolf that stood next to him shifted behind a tree and was fixing her shirt as she walked over to him.

Aunt Stacy!

She looked me in the eyes suspiciously.

"This wolf is a she-wolf. She just shiffted." Stacy said not breaking eye contact.

'Sheild your thoughts.'


'Take control'

I didn't know what she ment but I thought about shielding my thoughts. Building a wall around my mind.

"Anything else. Name?" Mike asked.

"She blocked her thoughts." Stacy broke eye contact to look at her husband. She looked at me then asked. "Do you know how to shift?"

I shook my head and looked down.

"Hand me the blanket." She told her husband.

Mike handed Stacy the blanket and Stacy turned her attention to me.

"Vision yourself as human." She told me.

I closed my eyes and pictured myself human again.

I felt the shift then a blanket draped over me.

I pulled the blanket tighter around me and looked up.

"Ash!" Stacy gasped.

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