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Marc, an 18 year old boy with short blonde hair, dark brown, almost black eyes wearing a black shirt and dark blue jeans walked through the trees. His stomach growled and he looked around for some wild raspberries, which would do for his hunger.

Marc walked on and stopped a distance away from his town. Men, women and children walked around the town like brain dead drones, they were just walking here and there and back. Marc watched, as he ate the wild raspberries he had in his hand. He propped the last berry into his mouth and he continued to watch the town. Suddenly Marc felt sick and disgusted with the people living in their perfect little town. Marc hated all the people in the town. In school he was bullied, it got to the point where the bullying was so bad, that Marc dropped out in grade 10. These people were nothing to him. Marc felt his anger rising like never before, the sudden feeling to rip something apart.

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