"Crazy out there, huh?" My co-worker Leo says.

"Very! This girl wanted me to give her my clothes so she can say she works her and go in their room!" I state.

"Wow! Well when I got here, a girl literally jumped on me just to get the keys to he hotel!" He says with a smirk.

We both start laughing hysterically at how crazy fan girls are.

When we calm down I ask, "Is the great One Direction even here yet?"

"Yep, got here 2 hours ago and they are settling in. They actually called for room service already. Do you think you can get it for me so I can make some calls?" He ask with a puppy face.

For some reason, his puppy face always gets me. I finally give in "Fine." I groan, "Only because your puppy dog face always gets me."

"Yay! Thanks so much! Your the best! Have fun meeting them; they are actually pretty cool." He states.

"Yeah right." I say under my breath so he can't here.

As I head to the kitchen, I check what hotel room they are in so I know where to go.

"Hotel Room number 73, got it." I always have to remind myself every once in a while.

When I walk to the kitchen i tell then I'm delivering One Direction's food and they nod approvingly. Pizza and chicken strips, what an odd combination.

"Hotel Room number 73." I remind myself.

As I'm at the door I knock politely. The door is then opened by the Harry Styles.

"Lyssa?" Harry Styles ask.

What is going on?

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