chapter 8

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hey y'all sorry about the last chapter I was feeling down but this chapter will be better I promise I'm going to try to make it really long for all you awesome people thanks for reading.


Haley's POV

My alarm clock rang early the next morning and I jumped up and got dressed. I got a text from Courtney asking me to come and pick her up again today. When I got to her house she ran out and got in my car. Hey JoJo she said stuffing the rest of her food in her mouth. Hey cat I said pulling out of the drive way so no giving Bre trouble about her date tonight you hear me. Yes mother she said signing. I laughed and pulled into school. We jumped out and walked to my locker where the whole gang was. Hey guys what's going on I asked. Well we desided we needed to start the day off right and walk all you pretty lady's to class said Jason. Well arnt you sweet I said laughing well let's go. The day flew by Drake and Mason we not at school so there was no pestering and the guys walked all us girls to all our classes which was very sweet. Before we knew it school was over and it was time to go help Bre get ready for her date.

Bres POV


OK I admit it I was nervous very nervous I mean its Dominic he is a bad boy a player and just to sexy for his own good and I Breanna Maddison was going out with him. The girls and I had picked out an adorable outfit and when we got some with my make up I must say I looked hot. The girls left and ten minutes later Dom pulled up on his bike. I walked out then locked the door and turned around and almost laughed. He was leaning against his bike trying to look cool but his mouth was wide open. You ready I asked he smiled only if you are.


Sorry y'all I know I said I'd make it long but I'm really tired but I will put the date on tomorrow love y'all

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