Hey there! My leg is better! I can run!!!! *runs around the palace* WHEEE!!!!!! -Whiskers



thats great!

Hello Uncle! I've found my mother and she wants me to return to Vanaheim. I don't want to, and I was wondering if you may be able to help me. ~Verity



Is she forcing you to? Ill have a chat with my sister if you wish. 

Thank you soo much my king i'm an forever in your debt for what you've done, they arrived yesterday and also I found out that their not actually shield! I know that because these guy's from shirld came and talked to me I think their names were Clint Barton and Natash Romanov, any way thank you I know what it's like to feel like a monster or in my case a mutant!
Have you ever read any midgardian books and If you have what one is your favourite?




no problem thats what my army's for. You must look out for eachother before I plan my next attempt at conquering Midgard. i need my army in perfect shape and condition.


I have... a few... dont really remember much but there was this one about a young sorceror with an owl...

Loki I'm sorry but that seduction thing kinda ruined it for yourself... Anyways one of my fandoms would be if cumberbatch (Sherlock) write your helmet and was a time lord. Would you let him borrow your hat? Just so I don't have to steal it. We both know I have already stolen it once don't make me do it again. Thor you can shush with saying that is impossible because it isn't I have done it. Also why do you fall to the stupor of mere mortals, annoying creatures...? Remember just because I am your ”subject” doesn't mean I'm dead,I can do what I want. I don't have to rule a planet to do what I want fool. :P



I dont like you.

that was truly seductive 

damn it Loki 

What do you think of the mortals who make fanfics abt you and a girl which ends up with u getting softer and loving the girl?

 StopitsPat     Loki: Thank you, someone who apreciates my seductive skills. To those who write these fanfics, 1) i will never get softer 2) i dont love mortals (no I dont love Natasha, never have, never will) 3) i really dont care what you write unless its THorki or Frost Iron, thats when you cross the line.          But then i kniw you can do better than just words Loki ;)

 StopitsPat         Loki: Of course I can do better than words. Come on over and I'll show you ;) no please dont that was a joke.     Hey; it's your ex-wife, Coral (I hope you remember me, otherwise you may not live to see tomorrow...) Here's my question; What would you do if a random girl came up to and asked, "Who the he|| are you?" >:3 

((Mom...That's a little harsh, isn't it?))

Shut up, Terran! I'm asking Loki a stupid question to annoy him!

((Okay...But I feel like I'm the conscience of the family, being the only one who does the good things...))

Terran; I'm warning you! Don't make this comment longer than it needs to be!


Loki: The only ex-wife I have is Sigyn... I didnt re-marry after that because marrying in the first place was a mistake. WHo the hel are you?  ANd I would reply saying "I AM LOKI OF JOTUNHEIM AND I AM BURDENEDD WITH GLORIOUS PURPOSE" And dont annoy me love, you'll regret it.          Lord loki I guess Catwoman is more like of a villan. She is like Natasha but more suductive. Hidden
can I join your army? I've taken self defense classes and image gonna start a kick boxing class. Here we go. Lord loki I will always kneel before you and I praise my loyalty to you. Unhidden* how is Goldilocks doing after the slurry Jane betrays him? Its not I liked her in the first place... and last do you use hair gel? And if so what kind? 


  Loki: *hidden yes, just swear loyalty to me *unhidden   Goldilocks is doing fine now, its seems he's over Jane. ....wait.... never mind I can hear him crying in the other room.. And no I dont use hair gel my hair is simply this fabulous all the time.  (THor- liar you dump a ton of hair gel on your head everyday!)     Um… I am not accustomed to asking people for help… But

Can you please send someone to help me down? I was roaming around Pride Rock, planning the downfall of Simba and the rest of the other lions when an incredibly peculiar flash of light hit me.

Now, I’m on top of a golden structure and it seems that the ground is a hundred miles down. I have no option on how to get down and I’m just sitting here…

Anyway, I infiltrated a vehicle last time and found you quite likable. The humans however ran at the sight of a dark Lion… hm.

Anyway, aside from all that, if you were able to conquer any realm that you please with a snap of your fingers, which would you one would you rule with an iron fist?


Loki:   woah, woah hang on a second, you're a lion?! I thought Midgardian creatures didnt speak....  Anyway my army is on its way.  and Asgard obviously.      I don't know... It's just that when you basically own the world there's nothing more to get. You claim Earth and it's the end of the line. For me, at least. I mean, sure, you *could* go for the universe, but that's a whole lot different.... Right?

 Goddess_of_Winter     Loki: I'd go for the universe. After I have everything I want I'll look for ways to entertain myself.      ~Loki Oh by the way, dont expect many replies this week i will be busy. I may be locked up in the palace but I have stuff to do this week (A/N bloody midterms....)         

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