*hello!! quick note, I've noticed that I write Alee's thoughts and pov in the past tense like "I knew what was going to happen" instead of "I know what's going to happen" and in the past chapters that's how I've been writing them so I've decided to change it and make it as if you're reading her thoughts as she's thinking them and not reading it as if it's something that has already been told, you know? I also saw that I went back and forth with it which doesn't make much sense but I'll fix it :) hope I didn't confuse you or anything! AND! A few people asked who plays Alan and it's Leonardo Dicaprio :) Hope you enjoy (please dont forget to comment/vote! <3*

I slept exactly the way I've been wanting to sleep and that's peacefully. Harry kept his arms around me all night, securing my body against his and warming me underneath the blanket. He must have been really tired and lacked sleep since he snored all night in my ear, but I didn't mind. His warm embrace was enough for me to sleep at ease.

It took me a while to fall asleep, but eventually I did. I felt bad for allowing him to sleep in his jeans and t-shirt. I wish I thought of offering him some warm clothes before but I didn't think of it. His arms were cold but I gently rubbed them as he slept underneath the blanket to provide some warmth. He's a calm sleeper for such a hyper-active person. His eyes remained lightly shut together and his lips slightly parted as he breathed through it. His chest rose and fell much slower then it normally does and because I couldn't sleep, I counted the seconds between each breath he took.

I'm kind of obsessing over him. He's perfect and he doesn't even know it, which actually gives me an excuse to remind him all the time. I don't think he has ever been given that kind of attention when it comes to complimenting and showing affection which explains why he blushes every time I tell him. But he should be given and showed all the attention since he's the one always giving it; especially to me. He's the only one who can calm me when I'm at my worst and make me smile like everything I felt two seconds before he walked into the room never existed. I don't know how he does it, but I need him in my life to keep me strong because I know without him I'm broken.

I think because I'm so used to waking up at seven in the morning for school I can't help but to wake up even without my alarm. Harry was sound asleep on me, snoring his brain away while his head was hiding in my neck. His lips were practically pressed against my ear which is partially the reason why I woke up; his snores were so hard I thought he was going to choke. I've already made up my mind about not going to school and I'm too comfortable to get up even though I have to pee. I know if I get up I'll wake him and I don't want to do that. He moved his body and turned on his side facing the opposite way and I quietly got up to use the bathroom. I did my normal routine; brush my teeth, wash my face, blah blah blah.

Knowing that Harry and I are going to be alone all day makes me really happy and excited. I don't know what he has planned, but I hope we go back to his place so he can teach me how to play the piano. He said he would on Saturday but Leo fucked everything up and he hurt his wrist. I just need a distraction; that's all I want. I need him to distract me from reality because that's what breaking and suffocating me.

I want to forget about Ava and Liam just for today and have a relaxed day with Harry. All the drama is depressing me and I'm so close to cracking.

I finish everything and tie my hair in a high bun and hug myself while I walk back to my room. Just as I am, Alan walks out of his room adjusting his tie. He stands in front of me and looks at me up down before knitting his eyebrows together and lifting his wrist to check the time on his watch.

"It's seven thirty, why aren't you dressed?" he asks.

"I'm not going."


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