7) Little things matter *TWINKIES*

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I wake up, and I check the time, it’s Nine O’clock. Jordan’s arm is still wrapped around me, and he is breathing down my neck. I move out of his arms, get up and peek into the boy’s room, and they are asleep. I shut their door and walk over to the closet, and get dressed in the middle of the hallway. Jordan wakes up and asks, “What are ya doing?” I reply with “Getting dressed, so I can get out of here.” He looks at me stunned, and with wide eyes. “Were you going to wake me up?” I look up at the ceiling then turned around continued putting my clothes on and said, “Well, yea. After I got dressed.” He blushed and said “Oh…” Then he got out of bed and pulled a white tank top on. I still had my white tank top on, and My skinny jeans and D.C’s. I tucked my pistol into the back of my pants, grab my crossbow, and Jordan stops me by grabbing my arm. I look at him, and he says “It is okay if I go right?” I look at him like he is crazy. “Yes! Of course!” I remove my arm from him, and walk out to my car.

            Pretty Girl follows me out there with Rufus on here tail. “Hey guys, you want to come with, well ya can’t.” I laugh, and pet them both. I place my crossbow in the back seat, and climb in. I start up the car; I have a half of tank of gas. I smile; someone put more gas in my tank. Jordan climbs in the car after putting the dogs inside the house. “Ready?” I ask while I put on my seatbelt."Yea" Jordans says, it cuts through the air like a rusty kitchen knife. "Umm... Jordan, are you okay?" I ask quietly. "I'm fine." He says blantly again. "Oh...okay." I start the car and put it in drive, and we slowly pull out of the driveway.

          "I'm not the only one who cuddles in my sleep." I say to Jordan sheepishly as a tiny smile spread onto my lips. "I wasn't asleep." He said with a blushy smile. I blushed, and said "oh..." quietly under my breath, but loud enough for him to hear. " You can't say you didn't like it! Because when I put arm around you, you snuggled real close." He said slowly. I blushed even harder, and the fact was I did like being in his arms. Because, I felt safe, and warmth. " I never said I didn't like it." I said smoothly. "You did like it." I looked over at him, only to see him wink at me. Now my full face is red, and I'm slowing down the truck because my heart is racing. "Well..yea. I liked it." I saw quietly "Why?" He said taunting me. " Why do you like being in my arms, Nichole?" He was staring right at me watching every facial move I make. "Because... Because, I feel... safe in you arms, Jordan." The was moment of scilence in the truck. Then, Jordan patted my hand which was on the steering wheel. I looked at him, and smiled and said, "Now, Jordan... how bad do you want that Twinkie."

          "Pretty damn bad!!" He said loudly with a striaght face. "Well okay. Um the store we are about to go to is stocked with food, but..." I stare striaght ahead. "But...But what?" Jordan asks on the edge of his seat. "The place is filled with zombies, and there are possibilly three survivors." then I add quickly and quietly "and the boys have a twinkie for you at home." WHAT!!!" Jordan shouts. "I'm so sorry! I wanted to save it for when you got back from zombie killing!"  Jordan looked at me. He looked as if he was dead, a cold blank stare. "well Um...it will be there wehn we get home... okay?" He look out the windshield, and nodded. We was silent the rest of the ride to our destination.

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