Chains (ray and prince love story)

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Since the start of middle school, Princeton has always admired his best friend ray ray. on the first day of school. When all the little haters were picking on Princeton and saying hurtful things. Ray stood up and protected him. He did have to know him but he still was the first person to help prince.Ever since that day they were best friends. They even lived on the same block across the street from each other. They were mostly always together. Princeton really did like hanging with ray. It made him feel safe. But as the time flew by he began to have a different feeling. It felt weird to him it was a fuzzy funny feeling he couldn't describe . It made him feel lingering towards ray ray. Whenever he was around him . He would feel this way no matter what. He had later found out at their 8th grade graduation that this feeling had a

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Princeton woke up bright and shining and was already dressed I his uniform. He especially loved it. Black pants blue plaid ties and white shirts with a red button on the side. Misfit! Then he was looking in the Mirror and added a little Mose on dem edges. " yeah dats right! Gotta keep dem egdes in check ." Princeton said in his wana be husky voice. He grabbed his backpack and ran for that door and out that house. He barley said anything to his family how fast he was out that house. He sure did have a reason to be so thirsty . He ran across the street pounding on the door to rays house. The door opened to a old woman rubbing her eye. " who da hell is this- oh good morning Princeton " she said. " Good morning grandma T. Is Ray ready?" Princeton said with a brut smile. " you can go and check but if he not up wake him ima sit down I'm to old to be walkin up dem stairs." She said sittin in her chair. " ok . I"ll wake him up reall good" Princeton muttered to himself " what was that boi?" Grandma T asked. " nothing!" Princeton said running up the stairs. You see he had a goal of finally getting a pic of ray in his new uniform no matter what. That's why he was thirsty . He knocked on the door. " ray it's time to go. Open the door. " prince said calmly. " um.. No! Like Ima go out this house lookin like dis." Ray said. " come on! And what's dat suppose to mean I'm wearin the same thing" Princeton said in a irritated voice. " I'm not leavin this room. It probably looks better on you than on me." Ray said. " you have 3 seconds to leave this room or the door goes Down." Princeton said in a even more irritated voice. " if you do that grandma T gonna eat you alive" ray said. " I'll just have to pay for a new one. " prince said smirkin . " 1......2.....-" Princeton said. The door swung open . " ok damn ." Ray said lookin at him. Princeton' s eyes were just starin all over. Ray looked so cute like an angle. The uniform was fitted and it made sure to let you know he had muscles. His hair was cutely braided into 2 braids and they were shinning. his lips so moist and just ready to kiss. his eyes that warm brown color that gave princeton that stravin feeling. that nice smooth lookin skin Wanting to be touched. Princeton was droolin. Man he just wanted to push ray down right now and- " hello?!! Earth to Princeton " ray said wavin his hand in Princeton' face. He snapped out of it. " what?" " what you mean what?! you came in here remember goofy" ray said chuckling. Princeton was blushing out of embarrassment . " you ready to go?" Ray said. " wait! Let me take a pic of you!" Princeton said." For?" Ray said giving him that look. Princeton was just bingeing in his lip." So I um... Can make fun of you later" Princeton said cheesin. " say swag luvs misfit!" Princeton said aiming his phone at ray. " forced to take a pic!" Said ray and smiled. Princeton took the pic and gave him that really bra? Look. " now lets go cotton candy time to go. ! " ray yelled running out the door. Princeton staggering behind him. Ray ran down the stairs to grandma T. " iight I'm about to go grandma T. " ray said. She continued to watch tv. " ok bye " she said. " you need anything before I go? " ray said. " boi I said bye now get out before you make Princeton late . " she said ." Fine den. " ray said then he turned around at the front door." Ray can you get me a glass of water" she Said in the background. " really!" Ray said face palm ing. He gave her the water that's when a little girl flew past Princeton almost knocking prince down and was tugging on rays pants. " ray!" The little girl said. Ray lit up and smiled and picked up the small girl. " hey Ali . Good morning" he said holding her. " ray can you take me to school today?" She asked " sure anything for you little lady. If Princeton don't mind makin an extra trip?" He said and looked at Princeton. " I don't mind lets go" he said and walked out the door." More Maury for me den suckas!" Grandma T said. As Princeton and Ray were walking Ali was on rays back singing a so g and ray was singing along and even Princeton sang a little. But Princeton would always take a few looks at them. For the first time in his life. Princeton actually felt jealous of a little kid . He wanted a ride on ray- I mean ride on his back of course. When they made it into the building . I mean ALL THE TEACHERS were looking at ray like some starvin fan girls. They were biting they lips and licking them and whispering and giggling. Princeton was annoyed to began with this was a little to much. " y'all cougar ass" Princeton muttered to himself ray walked into Ali's classroom when the teacher came up to him.. " good morning Aliyah and who might you be ?" She said looking at him. " oh I'm rayshun Aliyah's big brother . " ray ray said smiling. " I'm mrs. Moesha it's very nice to meet you." She said shaking his hand. Then snooker it some more and more. Untill her wondering hands were trying to glide up his arm. Ray was just smiling. Then- " and I'm Jacob it's nice to meet you but WE need to get to HIGHSCHOOL before we're late. " Princeton said giving her a fake smile. ."oh well ok- " mrs. Moesha said but they were already out the door . Walking. They ended up both bursting out laughing. " I swear one day a cougar is really gonna rape you . " Princeton said. Ray was lmfao in to the extreme.. " I'm for real ray ! Don't be letting people touch you so casually" princeton said. " you sound jealous. " ray smirked.Princeton blushed. He turned and looked at the ground. " why would I be jealous ?" Princeton said. " I am" Princeton thought ." mh," ray smirked . When they made it to the building they were in the hall. " hey prince lets meet at the front gate at the end of the day ." Ray said when he grabbed Princeton's hand . Princeton turned extremely red. He was at the breaking point. He was gonna attack him any second if he kept touching him. Then ray let go. And Princeton was still blushing. " will you?" Ray said. " we'll see" Princeton left into class. But he was smiling extremely hard. Even the class was starin. After school Princeton walked out to the gate just to see if ray was just joking but to his surprise there was a person there. He was in schock at what he saw. It was ray leaning on the gate with one foot on the wall and the other on the ground . With the sunlight shinning on him. He looked like a prince from a far off land or somethin. Ray turned around and s as prince and gave that smile. And waved for him to come over. Princeton being him. Skipped happily to him. They walked and talked and talked and all that other stuff that I'm to lazy to care about.. NEXT FEW WEEKS!

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