Life's Plan

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Chapter 1:

"Victoria wake up!" screamed Josh from the kitchen.

I groaned and got up. I can never have a good sleep I thought. ' Nope as long as you have those 2 here' said my wolf Star.

"Aylin Victoria!"

Oh shit he's mad. "I'm coming!" I haven't been myself lately. My brothers knew that but they never said anything and I was glad.

I went to my drawer and got some clothes out and changed. Then I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and comb my hair. I finally went downstairs and the smell of bacon and pancakes made my mouth water.

Don't get me wrong but Josh can make the best pancakes you could have ever tasted. A feew weeks ago he married his mate Adriana. She was the most beautiful girl you could have ever seen. No wonder Josh loves her. They seemed so perfect and honestly I was jealous. I haven't found my mate yet and it's been 2 years.

In two months ill be taking as the first alpha female. It was suppose to be Josh taking as alpha but he refused and Damian wanted to be alpha but with his condition he couldnt. I had no other choice but to take over.

Sometimes I wish dad was still here but he's not.


"Daddy where are you? Im scared" I screamed through sobs. The lights have been cut off and my dad went to go get some lanterns. It was only me and him in the house.

"Princess I'm in the kitchen" he said.

I ran as fast as my tiny legs could take me to the kitchen. He took my hand and suddenly he froze and stared into the darkness. After a while I saw him that face and that voice that has been haunting me through years.

"Dad what's wrong?" I asked so full with fear.

"Baby run and don't turn around" he whispered into my ear.

"I'm not going anywhere!" I knew I made a bad decision by talking back to him.

"Please Aylin leave before you get hurt" he took a deep breath and screamed at me "NOW!"

I couldn't respond to him for he was my father and the alpha. I ran and hid in the basement closet. I was hearing everything and then my dad's loud whimpering came to a faint stop. I cried until I got the courage to stand up and walk to the kitchen. I saw him there drinking my dad's blood.

"Oh dear child don't worry" he snickered.

"Who are you! What have you done to my father!" I screamed and ran to my father his body was limp and cold but what terrified me was his breathing stopped.

"I'm August and never forget that name. I will be back! One by one your pack will be gone" he laughed and with that he left.

I stayed with my father crying and crying until mom and my brothers came. They were terrified and since then on they have changed with me.


"Victoria! Wake up! You're going to be late" mom screamed.

My mom has been trying her best to get back to the life she had but she couldn't she missed dad as much as I did.

" I'm sorry mom. Ill get something to eat the way over to school."

"No you're not. Our future alpha needs to get a good meal. Now eat."

I had no other choice but to eat. After 10 minutes I said my goodbyes and left.

I ran down to the garage and turned on my black Lamborghini. I'm the alpha's daughter what did you expect? I treasure this car more than anything because dad gave it to me.

'Snap out of it! We have to leave!" star hissed.

Oh yeah today is my first day of school. I totally forgot about that. I wasn't nervous nor excited. It was a school where all the supernaturals came. I was the about to be alpha so I get a lot of respect.

After a 5 minute drive I saw the school. It was the humongous school you could have ever seen. I found a parking space and parked. I got out and the first person I see was the principal Mr. Har.

" Well hello there you must be Aylin Victoria Flow. I'm Mr. Har the school principal"

" Hello and nice to meet you sir" I said sheepish.

" I hope you can adapt alpha" he looked down but why? " I'm sorry I didn't mean too"

"It's ok but call me Victoria sir" I said with a strong and confidence voice.

"Ok Victoria right here I have your schedule and your locker number. I hope you have a great day" and with that he left. Damn I don't think I can get used to cal alpha.

'Oh shut up Vic you know you liked it." star purr.

'Why can't you leave me alone star? Just once? I thought. Suddenly something caught my eye. Who is that? I need to know. I knew him from somewhere but where?

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