The Parent's Confession

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Wilbur's Pov

I go home so I can talk to my parents about my adoption and how Xavier knows about my adoption too.  Lucky for me both parents are home.  "Mom and dad, Xavier told me I was adopted and how does he know as well why do you guys treat me like nothing just because I am adopted?  I want answers, now!!"  "First of all" my mom says "lower your tone young man and Xavier was your real dad's son and you are his cousin.  Your father knew you became adopted and told Xavier so he knows and Xavier never told you he was your family because he knew it could make a big change in your life and you would ask him why you were treated the way you were treated.  He did not want to tell you."  "Now I Wilbur should not be treated the way I was treated or else I will sue you for what you did."

\Wilbur's Mom's Pov

I feel so bad about not telling Wilbur about his past and why we treated Will the way we treated.  We should have told him when he could understand what we were saying.   " I am sorry Wilbur we didn't tell you about your adoption but we thought that you not knowing would make your and our lives much easier."  "What are you talking about mom.  My life is harder than yours because if I don't do something I will get a beaten." Will says.  "Okay we will stop beating you and giving you so much chores and from now on we will give you only 3 chores just to keep the house clean for guests."  "Okay mom but you and dad have to promise me you guys will do what you say"  I and my husband say "We promise."


That is the end the  book and please vote.  There is a sequel and the next book is going to be called It Gets Easier.

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