chapter 3-Sawyer P.O.V

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"mmmhm" I moan and stretch out until my feet fall off the bed "God, I'm hungry" I say to myself as I force myself to get out off bed. I look at my phone if reads 10:13, normal, I go down stairs and I find Joey has a girl with an ice pack on the girls forehead "ummm...." I say loud enough so both the girl and Joey can hear me "oh this is Rihanan," Joey says in a delighted voice "hi" the girl mumbles shyly "you feelin better"  I hear Joey ask with a suttle voice "I'm fine, thanks" I hear Rihanan say softly I walk over to her and give her my hand "I'm Saywer" she refused to shake my hand "no need" she says "I watch you two on YouTube" "oh well that's great!" Joey says "wanna exchange numbers with each other " I bring up randomly "sure" Rihanan says happily then gives me and Joey her number, I give her mine, and Joey gives his number to her "hey would you like Joey and I to drive you home?" I bring up "yes, thank you, I  kinda don't have a car with me haha"

*moments later*

"wow you don't live that far away" Joey bursts "ya, just a block away" Rihanan giggles, she proceeds to get out of the car, then she shouts "text me later you two" then she laughs and walks into her house.

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