I pushed Johnny's arm off my shoulder and tried to walk away. But he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I fell backwards and landed against his chest. He smirked down at me. I pushed away again but he wrapped his arms around my waist. I caught Johnny's eye and held it. I was staring up at him with a scowl. He stared in my eyes and for some reason, my gaze softened. I heard a honk and knew it as Holden. But I couldn't break my stare. Finally, with all the strength I had, I pushed away from him.

 "T-that's my ride." I sputtered. He smiled, not smirked, actually smiled.

 "See ya later, Sparky." He said. I turned around and ran for Holden's truck. As soon as I shut the door, I took a deep breath, and felt it shake as I blew it out. Holden as watching me.

 "What?" I snapped. He shook his head and shifted the gears.

 "Nothing," He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and looked out the window. Johnny walking the other way now, his back to me. I hadn't noticed how long his hair was. I mentally shook myself. 'Stop it.' I told myself. I sighed and leaned back against the headrest.

 When we got home, I found a small box waiting for me on the table. I opened it to find my new phone. I thanked my mom and went to my room. Laura had written her number down for me, along with the other dancers'. I entered them in the contacts and sent a message to Laura.

 'Hey, it's Amber. Got my new phone. Text me.'

It took her a minute to respond.

'Can't text now. Dance class.' I sighed and put my phone down but it beeped a second later. 

'Text in an hour.'

I decided to do my homework while I waited. It seemed like forever before an hour passed. I was almost done with my math homework when my phone beeped. I snatched it up.

 Laura: Hey, what's up.

Me:To much to text. Call me!

A few minutes past before my phone rang.

 "Hello?" I answered.

 "Hey, what's up?" She said. I told her the whole situation with Johnny.

"No." Someone else said. "Just no." 

 "What?" I asked startled. "Laura, who else is there?"

 "Marissa, Claire, Mandy, and Dylan."

 "Laura!" I shouted. "This was private."

 "I'm driving." She said. "I had to put you on speaker phone."

 "You can't fall for him, Amber." Dylan said.

 "You don't know him. He's bad news." Claire said.

 "Well I got that from his 'bad boy' act." I said, rolling my eyes.

 "Listen to me, Amber. You can't trust him." Mandy chirped in.

 "Anyway." Laura spoke over the others. Their protest quietened. "I was invited to a party tonight. Do you want to come?"

 "Where is?" I asked.

 "The beach." She answered. "I can pick you up if you want."

 "Seriously?" I asked. "It's like 40 degrees outside."

 "We won't be swimming the entire time, and you don't have to if you don't want to." She explained. "Plus there will be a bonfire so we can get warm."

 "Sounds fun. Sure, I'll come." I agreed.

 "Cool." Laura sounded excited. "I'll pick you up at six." I heard a car door open and shut. "Wear a swimsuit but bring warm clothes."

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