The Loss (Chapter 3)

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Setting- Victorias House
*Right After Funeral*

My mom dropped me off at home and then left to go shopping . Christmas is coming up and she wants to get her shopping done. My dad is still at work. I'm home alone. I run up to my room and lock my door behind me. I lay on my bed , crying. I miss Kaitlyn. Everything I could've ever done to make her do this ran through my head. I skipped school for a week. When I finally came back, everyone noticed the change in my personality. I wasn't the happy , bubbly , social , smiley girl I was when Kaitlyn was alive. Now, I'm quiet. I rarely talk. I ignore everyone. Ive gone into depression and can't get out. I avoid contact with people. I never smile . I'm never happy anymore. The loss of Kaitlyn killed more then 90% of me. She was my source of happiness. My one true friend. I told her everything. She knew so much about me . I would trust her with my life. One day she's alive and acting like she's fine, the next , she's hanging from a rope in her basement. I can't live without her. School has been hell without her. I can't trust anyone. The bullying has gotten worse for me. My parents are getting divorced , and it's all my fault for being such a fuck up of a daughter. My self-esteem has dropped a lot. Ive been getting called fat a lot, so I began starving myself. I haven't eaten in 4 days . I'm slowly dying without you, Kaitlyn.

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