Bus Stop

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"I've got the eye of the tiger, fire...." Katy Perry's voice sounded in my ears. I love her song. I started to mouth the lyrics and set my pace to the beat waving my hands a bit pretending to dance.

I start bobbing my head like the teenager I am.

The song ended so I started walking normally pulling out my iPod to change to another song. That when I heard footsteps behind me.

Well this is embarrassing, that person probably thinks I'm a freak now for dance-walking on a sidewalk. I really hope it's not a hot guy. In the distance a few blocks, from where I stand is my bus stop.

I just keep walking with a new song playing. I can hear the persons footsteps still. I can tell they are a few feet behind me. I turn my head to the side a bit to see a man who is hot and about my age!

Well, now I'm really embarrassed. I stop dancing but I still walk to the beat. It's another one of my favorite songs, it's hard not to. I try not to pay attention to the footsteps behind me. But for some reason, I'm really aware of them. It's intensely awkward too. We are the only ones walking on the sidewalk along a somewhat busy street. We both know we are both there. We are both walking on the sidewalk, but not together, that's what makes everything awkward.

The walk to the cross walk seems to last forever. Finally, I get to a cross walk where I am to go straight. I wait for the walking man. The guy behind me stops a few feet away from me. He's probably turning here. I can see him better. He's a bit taller than me, with light brown hair. He has a backpack, maybe he's coming from school too. But I don't think I've seen him around my school. He has blue jeans and a black shirt that shows off his decent build.

I stop looking at him otherwise I'll be staring. And that would make the already awkward situation even more awkward. Which I definitely wouldn't want.

Well, I suppose this is where he leaves. I feel like I'm saying goodbye for some weird reason. I'm crazy. I can't believe I feel like saying goodbye to a stranger. I guess he isn't really a stranger anymore. If I was given six people, I could probably tell you which one was him. In that sense he isn't really a stranger anymore. I don't know if there's a word for that in the English language. He's not stranger but he's not someone I know. Nevertheless, there's a connection of some sort. We are aware of each other. He knows I know he's there. And I know he knows I'm here.

The walking man turns. So I starting walking. Well, I'm gonna look like a loner now. To my surprise, he starts walking straight too! I don't know whether to be happy or not. On one hand, I will have indirect company on my way to the bus stop. I feel somewhat happy. More time with the hot guy! But on the other hand, it's now even more awkward. I was ready to detach focus away from him. But now I have to endure another block, at least, with his presence.

I walk a bit faster so I'm in front of him again. My music plays in my ears distracting me a bit from him but nevertheless I'm still aware of him. I feel like there's a silence that wants to be filled but can't be, due to our lack of an introduction. It almost feels rude to have my headphones on though.

What am I doing? There I go again making up this connection between me and a stranger.

The bus stop is nearing so I suppose that's good, I need to get away from him because my imagination obviously can't handle his presence. I reach the bench and slide into the furthest side on the right. I set my stuff next to me.

I look and he is in front of me, squinting at the bus stop post where the schedule is posted!

No, no and NO!

He isn't waiting for the bus too! I need to calm down, I just turn up the music and look out to the cars driving by, facing away from him. I hear a faint movement next to me. I turn my head slightly to get a peek. I immediately turn my head back.

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