Where oh-where could Emily be?

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Chapter 13:Where oh -where could Emily be?

"I wonder where she is , maybe something came up that was really important or maybe she's on a vacation, she'll probably gonna call soon"I say , wishing Emily was here.

Soon as recess ended I went to science class.Monica had to leave for a dentist appointment,Catherine doesn't take science class and Emily's not at school.Mia takes my science class but she wanted to be partners for our science project with Lily Johnston the popular girl.For some weird reason.So unfortunately I had to be partners with my new friend max , he's nice and all but he never really concentrates on the project.Last time I was partners with him in art class we had to do a sculpture of an animal and he just fooled off with his friends well I did all the work.Hopefully he will help this time ,because we are exploding stuff and making chemicals (you know how boys like to explode things).

Science class wasn't actually that bad.Me and Max had lots of fun exploding lots of stuff on our project!After it was lunch and me and max hung out at the cafeteria.We both had Hamburgers from the store and Pepsi to go with it.Suddenly when max is saying something to me I ignore him for a second and turn my head to the left and see Mia hanging out again with the popular girls and Catherine sitting a lone by the garbage can.Me and the rest of my friends usually sit by the garbage cans and since I got to this school I never had sit at the tables, so I took the opportunity to sit with max here."What were you saying max I didn't here that"I say."Oh I was just asking if you wanted to come hangout with me and the rest of the boys at recess and come place soccer again maybe?"He explains."Oh ya totally!"I say.

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