Chapter 5

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"I'm leaving tomorrow for the city.. I have three plane tickets though if you want to come for a day and then go home later" he half smiled. "There's an idea" I smirked. "Sooo" he winked, I nodded "sure" I smiled. He leaned in again, to kiss me. I closed my eyelids and moved forward, allowing him to kiss my lips. And owl cooed from above us that split us apart. Our faces were both red. I've never felt awkward with him before though. I looked away to ease the awkwardness.

But he didn't. He looked right at me. I picked up a banana flavoured laffy taffy and popped it open. Jacob reached into his other pocket and took out a disc. He passed it to me. I smiled and tucked it in to my pocket. "What's this " I asked "nothing" he smiled.

Ill come and get u tomorrow for the plane he smiled and quickly kissed my lips then ran out of the forest.

I have to admit, when we kiss I feel nothing. There's no connection. But how do I tel him that? I fell into a deep sleep thinking about that. I was awoken hours later and carried out in to a plane.

*hours later*

We got off the plane, there was a huge difference in smell. I gaged and looked around. Jacob chuckled. We went to a hotel instantly. Soon enough Jacob had to leave for his basketball meeting. I smiled and wished him the best of luck.

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