I must have stood their staring at the door for at least an hour. The tingle of his lips still resting on my own, and the feel of his body on mine was addictive. I couldn’t believe what just happen, had we really kissed, and gotten that far in one day of knowing each other? Oh my god, he must think im a slut!!! I felt my face and eyes start to get hot, and tears build up in my now closed eyes. I had to sit down.

Why did I allow myself to go that far? Why did his touch do that to me, it felt like fire and ice all at the same time. Like I had been waiting my whole life to feel his touch. All my life, I have never even kissed a guy now im making out with someone I just met, who none the less, ran me over!!! Ugh, think Kora, Monday morning he's going to school just to tell everyone he got the schools Virgin Mary on her back. I felt the tears falling from my face even faster now as I sobbed quietly to myself.

“My Love” I remember that’s what he called me. “My Love” I keep replaying those words in my head. Had he really called me that! But, why would he do that? I just met this guy and hes already getting close to getting in my pants, and now hes calling me “My Love”. I cant help it, I think to myself, its time to call Kaylee.

“WHAT!!!” was all she said after I told her about what happen with Darian.

“I know, now I don’t know what to do about it. I just met him, and all but I feel like there is something between us”

“I still cant believe you invited him inside, that’s like a strait sex invite.”

“No it's not, I was just being nice, and well, I didn’t want him to leave yet, like I said, I really like him. Plus you know I have never done anything like this before, and you know he's the first guy I’ve ever liked.”

“This is true, but he doesn’t know that. I still cant get over the fact that he called you his love. To me, that’s kind of creepy, y'all just met and hes already calling you that.”

“I don’t know, it felt right to hear those words from him, everything we did, just felt right to my body.”

“I don’t know what to tell you dude, I wish you the best, but I think all this is kind of fast, I just don’t want to see you get hurt, he is your first crush.” Even when she said that I knew in my heart it was more then a simple crush.

“I'm not saying im going to sleep with him next time I see him, im just saying everything that did happen, well it felt right. The tingle on my lips and body just felt right and that I had been waiting my whole life to feel his touch.”

“Well, just be careful, but I got to go, its time to pick up Cassie and Blake.”

“Ok, I'll talk to you later, are you coming shopping with Cassie and me tomorrow?”

“I'm not sure, just depends when I get out of SAT practice.”

“Ok, well ill talk to you later love ya.”

“Love you to bye girl.”

After hanging up with Kaylee I sat up on my bed and just sat their. I just, didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have Darian's phone number, so calling him was out of the question. I didn’t know where he lived, plus if I did I didn't wanna be a stalker and just drop by. I just wanted answers, did he feel the same as me, why does my skin tingle when we touch and does his do the same? Why do I feel like I know him, why do I crave his touch, and most importantly, what was that vision all about. I know I have weird dreams and all but those are just dreams when I sleep, and ever since I met him they've been happening more and more, and not just when I day dream. I still hear the voices as if someone is whispering in my ear.

So much is going on with me today I just feel my energy being drained out of me. By now its around four-thirty and mom and dad will be home around six, so I decide to take a nice bath. I go to my bathroom and run a nice hot bath. When the tub is filled I sprinkle my favorite bath salts in that smell like honey and lavender. Lavender for good luck, and honey to sooth and soften the skin. Wearing my bathrobe and grabbing my iPod I head for the bathroom and shut the door to have a sense of tranquility.

The water was just right and the salts had dissolved nicely as the water was nice and soft. Sitting in the water listening to some nice peaceful music made me relax and not feel so tense and worried about everything that before I knew it I was dozing off.

I woke up and it was cold, and dark. The only light was coming from the little sea shell night light on the sink counter. How long had I been out of it I though to myself. I grabbed my towel and dried off a little bit then put my bathrobe on and headed into my room. My TV was on and I didn't remember even using it. I felt a really cold breeze which was weird considering it wasn't even fall yet and I noticed my window open. I walked over to my light switch and my lights wouldn't come on.

“Mom” I called down the stairs.

“Dad, are y'all home.”

But no reply. What was going on? I looked over to my alarm clock and it just blinked like a power failure happened. I turned my bed lamp on and tried to look for my phone when I hear steps coming up the stairs. I sighed a relief thinking it was mom or dad, but when the person came into view it caught me off guard.

“Darian, how did you get in here?”

“I told you I would find you Kora.”

“What, what are you talking about you where just hear a couple hours ago?”

“I've missed you Kora, you're such a bad girl for running away like that.”

“What, Darian I think you should leave now” I said slowly backing up against my night table and lamp.

“They cant hide you now Kora, if I cant have you, HE CAN'T EITHER!!!!” Darian Lunges for me knocking me and my lamp to the ground as the bulb breaks and its dark again. I see his blackened figure and im terrified. He jumps on top of me and I scream but he grabs my neck and starts chocking me. I'm swinging my arms and kicking but nothing is working. I feel his hot breath on my face as he is laughing really low. I cant breath and I feel my body weakening every second. He whispers he loves me and shakes me really hard. I wake up screaming and splashing water everywhere. My throat is dry, heads killing me, I open my eyes to see im still in my bathroom in the tub. The water is still warm so I wasn't out for long. I hear a low demented laugh in my head and jump out the tub, throwing on my robe and running downstairs to find mom in the kitchen and dad in the living room. I walk slowly upstairs, afraid of what ill find. I get to my room and the lights still on but the TV is off. My window is shut and everything seems normal. I push back my tears by comforting myself with the it was just a dream speech, but it felt like so much more. My fear was real, my pain was definitely real, and now, I was more confused then ever. I never thought Darian would hurt me, but then why would I have a dream like that?

I get dressed and walk down stair to get something to eat. Mom and dad are sitting in the living room together on the couch in the same spots Darian and I sat. I walk over to the stove to see what mom made and its Boiled chicken with white rice and zucchini. I grab a bowl of white rice, pour a bunch of the juice from the boiled chicken in the bowl and get a small plate of zucchini. I go back upstairs close my door and sit on my bed, turn on my TV and eat. After about an hour of watching Girl Code I get up and take my dishes downstairs. Mom has already done the dishes so I rinse off mine, put them in the dishwasher, and start it. After I walk over to the fridge and grab a can of coke and go back to my room.

I close the door and sit on my bed to lay down when I hear something. I keep hearing this clicking sound coming from my window and I get a panicked feeling. I slowly walk over, move my curtains and look out to see Darian standing outside my window.

“Can I come up?”

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