Chapter One: Inked

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A/N: Please dont make fun of my cliche beginning. I can't think of a better way to start this (I already hate it enough for both of us)

Chapter One

Human beings in a mob.

What’s a mob to a king?

What’s a king to a God?

What’s a God to a nonbeliever? 

Who don’t believe in anything.

Ugh. My phone next to my bed went off, right on No Church In The Wild. I reached over and turned off my obnoxious ringtone, not really caring who was calling me right now. I draped my arm over the other side of the bed and jumped when I heard a groan. 

I fell off my bed onto the floor before remembering that Ashlynn had spent the night at my house. Well, the morning I guess. We both needed the moral support right now. With tomorrow being the summer solstice and all, it was safe to assume that we were terrified. I knew that Ashlynn needed to get the same tattoo as Carter or else their relationship would be over. I was hoping that my tattoo would be somewhere that I could hide it.

“Alina?” Ashlynn groans out.

“Yeah girly, I’m right here,” I chuckle getting out of bed. Ash always takes a while to turn into a functioning person in the morning.

“Why are we up already?”

“Probably because it’s almost noon.” I reply.

“Shoot! I’m supposed to meet Carter for lunch at twelve-thirty!” Ashlynn scrambles to her feet, whipping her head around. “I can’t be late, not today!”

“Hey hey, just chill. I’ll text him and tell him to wait until one, and he can pick you up here. It’ll be okay,” I reassure her.

“But we don’t know if it will be okay. Today may be our last day together,” she slowly stands up and starts getting clothes to bring with her into the bathroom. “What if it is?” Ashlynn wipes away the tears that had started rolling down her face. I had no clue as to how I was supposed to make her feel better, mostly because I couldn't change anything. And I hated that feeling.

“I don’t know. I bet that even if this is the end, you’ll still be friends. That’s better than nothing, right?” I ask.

“I don’t think so. That will just hurt too much, for both of us.”

“Then it will be happy memories that both of you will look back on and never regret. Just remember how happy he makes you and it will all be okay.” I say, shoving my best friend into my bathroom.

I grab my phone off of where I had put it, seeing that Caleb had been the one calling me. I quickly sent him a text.

Yo whats up??

Wanna hang out at the ring today? The rest is all going.

Sure. b there about 1:30

I also texted Carter about the change in their plans before dropping my phone on the bed. Ash had just gotten out of the shower in what I’m guessing was a record breaking five minutes.

We finished getting ready and Carter arrived almost perfectly on time, only late by a few minutes. I pushed Ashlynn out the door, grabbed my keys and helmet and walked over to my run down motorcycle. I had grabbed the frame of this thing out of a junk yard on the outskirts of Seattle, less than an hour away from where I lived. Slowly buying or scraping parts for it, I had fixed up my baby. She got me everywhere.

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