This boy

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This boy had a dad but he lost his dad 5 years ago from cancer and his mom had cancer a year later and she died but now this boy is married to this girl named perrie and day got a baby girl named Darcy and she's 1 and all he thinks about is how he lost all the ppl. He loves from cancer and he all ways hopeing so he don't lose some one he loves aging so 10 day past bye and his wife perrie past out so now it's the next day and day find out she gots cancer so he stars crying and she stars crying to so the dr tell them it ok you don't got it bad you will be ok we just need to take it all out of you so now its the next and this boy is home with his baby girl now he gets a call from the dr and this boy pics up and the dr says we got bad news your wife die and now hes crying how did she die you took all the cancer out of her and the dr said we did but when we was takeing it out of her more. And more and more and more cam why we was takeing it out and all the times we Tryed takeing out it keep coming back

Now 4 years past bye and it's just him and his baby girl Darcy who is now 3

Now. He can't find Darcy so he keeps saying Darcy where are you she says I'm here daddy and he finds her in perrie shoes that perrie ward when day had their first dance and this boy said you no mom use to where does when we had are first dance

And she says I miss mom when is mom coming back...?

He says I miss her to and mom is not coming back but I can tell you she is in a really really good place now

And Darcy says really

And he says ya and he kisses her on the face and says com of baby lets go to sleep now....

And this boy is harry Edward styles

The and...

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