Chapter 4

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Max's pov

I was strumming my acoustic bass while Mike and Cameria did a Brian Starzzzzz interview. Mike and Cameria were arguing and it was getting hard to think. Tonight's the night. I'm gonna show everyone the real me. I really don't care if I get beat up more then one time a day. It happens anyway.

Cameria threw a pillow at me and it caught me by surprise so it hit me in the face. I fell back off the stool I was sitting on and she started laughing but managed to gasp,

"Holy shit are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine," I breathed pushing myself up. My acoustic was okay too. Just out of tune. And was grumbling that I needed to re-tune it. You guys must me thinking, 'Why did Cameria ask if you were okay?' she's only a bitch to me when Tori's around. Tori' umm hates me. I don't know why and Mike and Cam are afraid of her.

"Wait why'd you throw the pillow at me?" I laughed.

She shrugged saying, "We want you to join the interview." I made a face and she picked me up making me squeal. Brian jumped as did Mike, and Brendon who was just walking in.

"Umm sorry to interrupt that. But we need Max for sound check,: Brendon chuckled. I jumped up out of Cam's arms yelling,

"Yes! I saved!" Cam pouted and a gave her a big wet kiss on her cheek saying,

"Love ya sis. But peace." I ran out following Brendon. I jumped on his back making him jump but he grabbed the backs of my knees and I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck saying,


Brendon looked at me and I smiled and he laughed and started running. I squealed since he was running pretty fast. We got to the stage and Dallon and Spencer gave is weird looks. Brendon climbed onto the drum platform and I laughed,

"Do a backflip. "

"No! You'll get hurt!" He exclaimed.

I shook my head saying, "Do it wimp." he took a deep breath before doing a backflip. I let go of him and landed on my hands and launched myself up to do a backflip. I landed next to him and he gasped,

"You scared the shit outta me! Never do that again!" I smiled and walked over to my manager and took my mic saying,

"Tank ya." he shook his head laughing and I walked back onstage and put my mic in its awesome holder. I was singing a bunch of random songs and right now we were brain storming which one to sing next.

I smiled before singing, "Comin out the back door didn't leave a mark. No one knows it's you Miss Jackson. Found another victim but no one's gonna find Miss Jackson." We started singing and being crazy. Spencer and Dallon started playing and at the end of the song as Brendan sang the last work we both did a backflip off the drum platform. Applause filled the air and me and Brendan jumped. We look at the what used to be empty stadium. I looked at my phone an jumped. The concert started right before we started singing Miss Jackson. I waved sheepishly and Brendon laughed into his mic,

"Umm okay. I guess the concert started. How long have you guys been there?"

The whole crowd screamed, "Since you first started singing." Oh.

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